God’s Words Speak in Any Language

This Psalm is a staple of the faith, The Lord is my Shepard etc,,,, but even if it weren’t, and even though I don’t understand the language, if it were evening, low lights a candle or two, or three quiet still of the night, even a quiet Sunday afternoon, God’s words can still penetrate the heart, spirit and soul.   If you happen to find yourself on vacation, somewhere where you don’t speak the language, even a Jewish Temple, an Orthodox Church, don’t be afraid to go in, because God will speak to you no matter what the language being used that day.  


New Year, New Start, Where to Start?

soaring eagle

As August 4th approaches, my birthday, my 52nd birthday, I ask myself what do I want, what gift do I want the Lord to bring me?

I guess I could complicate it, get overly analytical about it all, go through a whole childhood issues analysis, get all academic and intellectual about it all.  At the end of the day it really is not that complicated at all.  In a nutshell I wish to never depend or rely on the government for anything, not for sustenance, or for anything other than homeland security and mass transportation  I wish to be totally self reliant, no matter what my health situation is, no matter what my situation in life is period.  I wish to do what I love which is the arts, and life coaching, to earn my daily bread through that in some way, and see past seeds I have sown bear fruit. I also want to preserve the parish I am working on helping to preserve and help grow.  I wish to do solo gigs and earn my daily bread, to do seminars, earn my daily bread.  I also wish to keep volunteering for the parish, it pleases my heart, spirit and soul.  I wish to have a place to call totally my own and a group of artists to work with and record my material with, to pray with daily, which I have formed, my own group that prays, jams, performs and records together.  That is what I wish for my 52nd birthday.  What about the icing and cherry on the cake as they say?  That would be a really great and dependable, reliable like minded artistic, as well as like minded worldview kind of guy who shares my heritage, faith, and conservative worldview, values to share it all with, to artistically create, jam etc… with, even perform with, real partnership.  Someone whom I can start this Gossamer Wings Arts Circle with, immediately. 

If anyone wants to know what my prayer is for my birthday, which is coming up in a few days, this is is, in a nutshell.

Initiative Seen As Rivalry?

The Journey That is Life.

Can a person’s initiative be seen as rivalry? It might be, depends.  It depends on a few things.

From the standpoint of the person with the initiative, what’s the motive?  Is the motive really caring about the organization, the people within the organization, the community etc..?  Is the initiative coming from a true calling of the Holy Spirit, not from ego, but from a true calling to go along this path.  If you see something crumbling, and you feel a true stirring of the soul to help rebuild it etc.., and your motives for the initiative, even small step initiatives within the organization, your participation then no problem.  If when you are taking initiative you are doing so in a way that is truly constructive, making it understood why you are taking the initiative you are, then should be fine, even if you have a bit of rough start. If the motive is however, ego centered, proving you are better than anyone else, getting only your own agenda in, out of context of what the organization represents, trying to fulfill some dream of your own, you might then encounter problems.    Motives for taking initiative within an organization is crucial, matters a great deal, for your own heart, spirit and soul if for nothing else.  What about from the other person’s standpoint?  Let’s say you are very decisive, boom boom boom, decide, do, now, pronto, clear as the morning sun what needs to be done, now and why, and what shouldn’t be done and why.  You are willing to take the bark and bite from the top, bit back if you need to because you did what had to be done for the good of the organization making decisions as they needed making in that moment. Well, Okay great  What if the other person is not like that, what if those around you working with you are not like that?  Let’s keep it simple and say a key colleague.  What if they are not like that?  They may not know how to respond to you, to your boom boom boom approach, very clear cut Holy Spirit know what to do when and how here and now, ready to do it and if I have to have go up against the big guy okay approach.  They may feel threatened by it, unsure what to do with you, with your approach. They may feel overwhelmed a bit, particularly in the beginning.  What do you do?

As always I am a big fan of meditating, praying.  In the end you have to decide if the initiative is important enough to the progress of the project, organization etc.. that you need to keep taking initiatives.  If you do, keep praying, doing what needs doing and if there is any fear etc… on the part of the other person, pray it subsides and they realize you are doing what you truly are being led to do for the organization, for the greater good and will be with you, on the same page, at the same pace.


Dark Room, Headphone, Numb, Yikes!

a dark room

I had a dream this morning about someone I know and it truly pained me because I care about them as a person and what both of us hope to save in therms of our faith and an institution.

When a dream shows me someone carrying a bunch of stuff, equipment, papers etc… and they are about to fall to the ground, smash to a million pieces, them saying oh oh as they try to keep that from happening, and they then refuse all offer of assistance offered, all wisdom, insight advice offered in that same dream, any attempt from anyone in that regard, rather going into a dark room, headphones on, fidgeting with equipment that is not in line with what is needed, just being in the dark, working alone in a dark room, a dark place.  That kind of dream is heartbreaking because it tells me that a person is not only living in the dark about what is going on around them, refusing to heed any advice, any input etc.., but that they have tuned out to true intimacy, true close relationships of any kind.  They are carrying all this load on their own, refusing to accept help, real help, real close deep profound connection help, collaboration etc…  They won’t share anything of depth with you, or rally anyone in any intimate connection way, though they may have lots of people they know.  It was heartbreaking to watch this person in my dream go into that dark room, cover his ears, refuse to hear, refuse to acknowledge, perhaps even his own heart, spirit and soul truths.  One can choose to stay in that dark room forever, alone, shut everyone out, heed no one be a team of one, but that is a dark place to be, letting past hurt baggage accumulated stay there.  One can do the opposite and be liberated from all that junk, baggage, not be in a dark room, not have headsets on and ignore truths about what should be done, reach out and ask for help directly, collaborate, coordinate etc.. directly on a day to day basis.  That takes a lot of courage to do so and awareness of the fact one is in the dark all alone, in that dark room with those headsets.  

What do you do if you have, as an empath etc.., these insights?  When you receive these insights it is usually for a reason, and the first thing to do is pray and meditate as to why you did.  If it’s a dear friend you are an integral part of their life, hang out a lot, really close, you can directly approach them about it.  However, if that is not the case, as much as it pains you to receive this insight, you can also be grateful that you did receive and pray, meditate for their healing of heart, spirit and soul, for release of all their baggage, breaking down of all their walls, all that is toxic etc…for the light to shine bright in their lives.  Don’t give up, meditate, pray and as best you can, offer help periodically, maybe just in the form of thoughtful questions to ponder.  


How Specific My Prayer?


Have you ever asked someone a question and had an answer either be too vague or felt like you were getting a thesis presented to ya?  Think we have all been there.

That gets me to wondering about God and prayers, meditation.  I am not big on rote vain prayers of repetition myself, but rather just conversation and meditation when it comes to the Trinity and everyone else up there, or as I used to refer to the Trinity when I was a kid the Big Three, God as the Big Kahuna, with the other Kahunas.  I was quite the spitfire even a kid, but still cute.    As I present my thoughts, petitions etc.. to the Big Three, write my meditation to listen to in bed, I wonder how to write what I want to bring into my life.  Most faith leaders will say that you should be quite specific and consistent for a few reasons:  helps clarify your mind, helps clarify your needs, makes us more alert to answers, , and increases our faith.  There are those who will argue the opposite because their prayers were not answered, or not right away or not in the way they wanted, expected.  That’s not the point because God is not our errand boy, something I have to keep reminding myself of as well.   What if I am not sure exactly what I want in a given area of something then what the heck do I do?  Fear not, keep your pants on, don’t panic, all good.  Here is what you do, call on the paralegal, the Holy Spirit to clarify for ya.  Huh?  Bet you didn’t realize The Big Three, were like a great legal system with God as the Supreme Court Judge, Jesus as the advocate Judge and Holy Spirit as the Paralegal and Counsel to the defendants, if you can envision it that way to sort of understand the dynamics of it a bit.  This is what I tend do to in terms of how I pray and how I do a meditation.

When I pray or petition, as I feel a call to minister and the arts, seek to be self reliant, get off all government programs of assistance, I petition in general terms that I be able to use my gifts as a poet, songwriter, writer, vocalist and linguist to do so.  I also petition to be brought in full union, loyal and true rest of my life integrated personal and creative with my twinflame soulmate and to be brought into a family of true believers in Christ, who also will respect my heritage,  friendships that last a lifetime.  These are my general petitions for the upstairs.  When I recently wrote out my Emerald Bridge Meditation, then I got more specific about how this would all unfold.  I got more specific about the type of person this twin flame soulmate would be, what we would share etc… In the meditation, the 30 minute contemplative meditation I wrote out, I got more specific about things.  I am presenting my general petitions in “prayer” and then meditate contemplate with meditation music and such in the background with more specifics, always in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  I do try to make sure that whatever I do pray for etc.. is in line with Biblical principles and moral guidelines, remembering Jesus admonition of “sin no more” to the woman after he saved her tukkus!   Specific or general? Both and sometimes we pray to ask for clarification from the vague and general to the specific, that’s fine.  Where we run into trouble is to pray for something that is not in line with Biblical Principle and meditate to attract that, or to get so obsessed with the material, with fame and wealth, stuff like that, including in who we pray for coming into our lives as friends and life partners, seeing the value of things only from a material viewpoint that God can’t honor it, or God may say “fine, you need to learn a lesson, not going to be pretty, but you need to learn one” You get what you prayed for, tough love.  He will be there for us when werealize the error and seek him out after, but he may just give that tough love lesson.  

Prayer, meditation can be a request for clarification as much as a petition for a vision we already have clarity on, even both.