Bright Star

I came across this prayer and wanted to share it with you, caught my eye.  I thought about what kind of flame do we want to be, those of us the are in faith, of faith, that know the Spirit of God can live within us, burn bright within us.  I also have started to think, […]

Blessing of The Rain

Rain, can be annoying, inconvenient, causes floods, but often out of the ruin of a flood etc..communities come together, realize what really matters.  It can also be a symbol for the Holy Spirit, God’s love, wisdom, correction etc.. Rain has a number of purposes, as does choice.  Choice can enslave us or free us, depending […]


Prayer is something the Prince Of Darkness, Son of Perdition hates, so I decided I am going to irritate the heck out of him and I recorded prayers of protection for our nation, leaders, and for law enforcement.  

4 Prayer Keys

Prayer, meditation matter, can make a difference.  Often we don’t realize there are keys to powerful prayer.  Understand that if we are praying for something unholy, unclean etc.., like any good parent God has to say no, or may say yes if we are insistent to show us the error of your ways.  If we […]

Blessing of the Rain

Some people find the rain annoying, me I like a light drizzle, taking walks when it is drizzling and quiet, or right after it has rained in the evening.  Something about rain, that sense of something in the air.  With all the insanity we see in our world, moral truths rejected, abandoned, anarchy, I pray […]

Palm Sunday Within Us

Jesus enters the city in triumph, though he knows what awaits him is pain, humiliation. At that moment he doesn’t allow that to keep him from being in that moment of victory, of triumph, of being embraced.  Jesus came to clarify and fulfill the law, and part of that was entering the city in triumph, […]

A Native Blessing

Today I tuned into a prayer and modified Mass meeting and it brought home how affected we are by nature’s rebellions, such as these pandemics.  I wanted to send you all blessings, something to give you wings in these troubled times.  God Bless, Stay Safe, but DO NOT let fear overrule faith, prayer, meditation and […]

Teach Me Prayer

I came across this prayer and realized this is actually what I have been asking God for every day.  getting to know others is easier than getting to know ourselves.  We take in so much baggage from everything around us, from people, and we carry baggage from life experiences that we may not process and […]

I begin this week with this prayer for all of us. May we be all God made us to be, and always align with his truths, not those of man when they are contrary to those of the creator. 

What is the Shadow Self in Christian Faith Terms

  From a psychology standpoint, this is our shadow self.  From a faith and biblical standpoint, it is the conscience,  which tells us should tell us, from an objective morals standpoint the choice that is within healthy to us and all ethical, moral parameters.  When we don’t operate from that object morals standpoint, we end […]