Shadow Self and Self Esteem

The psychologist, Carl Jung, described hidden part of our psyche as “the shadow”. It’s the part that sometimes scares us with the things we don’t know, or don’t want to know about ourselves. It is essentially our unconscious mind telling us what it wants. Sometimes it comes in dreams, other times and an inundation of […]

True Strength

When we think of strength we usually think of physical strength, or some such thing.  Yet if we were to examine this, physical strength is one aspect of what we can call strong.  Then there is the stoic strength when things are seeming rather stormy and you have to stand strong and be the rock […]

Powerful Energies of the Season

Spring leads into Summer, into days of warmth and sun, 4th of July, and festive fun.  Spring is, as are all the seasons and patterns of the weather a metaphor for life.  The weather can have an effect on our mood etc.., but I love Spring as a metaphor for the seeds that begin to spring […]

During the Toughest Times

Often when people leave our lives, friendships end, relationships end, especially during or right after a rough time, it can be hurtful, but rather that focus on who isn’t around, best to focus on who is around, who sticks with us through thick and thin.  We should be committed to focusing on the good, the […]

What is the Trust Thing About, Really?

As I anticipate this potential second chance with one who still haunts my heart to some degree and the chance to build something lasting this time around, really lasting, healthy and all that, the trust thing has me really thinking.  What is that all about, really?   Each of us, without even realizing it maybe, has […]

Communication Style #4

The director likes to see results, very results oriented, meat and potatoes guy, streak of independence, and is very direct, also self-disciplined, drawn towards power and authority in general.  They are not guided by emotions, more by thought, unlike the initiator who is guided more by gut instinct and emotions.  You know the type who […]

Communcation Styles

Let’s start with the Relator, what’s the deal with this communicator, this style of communicator?  This person can relate to pretty much anyone, harmony is crucial to them, so they are friendly, they will engage you and listen, offering an empathy and sympathy.  Often this type of communicator will even anticipate what others are feeling, […]