Is It Still Christmas?

Covid, my mom in hospital, not doing well, going into assisted living next week. likely never coming home, so with all that and my own fibromyalgia issues, is it still Christmas?  Yes, it is because I still have family, even if far fewer due to Covid to share it with and the reason for the […]

Do We Adapt/Change Fundamentals?

Recently a gay priest said that we need to adapt the bible and change it as the times change, and in another story, a father lost the legal battle to keep his wife who had the egg via a donor from changing his gender, the child is 7 years old.  Let that sink in and […]

Knot Prayer

Knots, pesky when in your hair, or when things get tangled up, cords and such.   If you  are at sea and knots are not the right kind, that might cause some problems.  Knots what are we do to with you?  This prayer offers great advice.  What drew me to it?   My life has […]

Have to Let Go

We all have that one person that though they are not part of our lives anymore, we find ourselves always wondering “what if” and I realized today after seeing something on FB that I have been doing just that.  I have not allowed love in because a small part of me kept thinking “what if we […]


I have learned to wear a mask, to have a “whatever, it is what it is” attitude.  This stems from my childhood.  After my parents divorced and issues with that, very visible throughout my life and young adult years, where I was not always wise in my choices, in stewarding my blessings, gifts, even recognizing them and […]

Too Much Positive?

Can there be too much positive?  Well yeah, just like too much pessimism, too much ice cream.  How do you know when positive is toxic positive?  I found a great article that talks about this. Much of my life I tried to build things based on just being positive, on blind faith in myself, […]