Communion and Union with Miracles

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Yesterday was my cousin’s son’s First Communion and as I participated in the celebration after in her home, though I had not been able to attend the service due to a fibro crash, I realized why ritual, even if it’s a daily blessing from parent to child, a meditation for 5 minutes morning and night matter and as I was relaying what was going with my life the annoying fibromyalgia stuff, but also the great stuff artistically I realized these rituals matter for a few reasons, even if you are not an overly religious person..

  • Remind us of something other than our own tine self, and our own tiny wold, that hey there are others around and out there
  • Sacred boundaries to always consider in life and living, not saying live so guilty all the time you have a breakdown, no, cause that’s not constructive
  • helps us to reflect on where we are, where we have been and where we are going, would like to go, unless you are going to go into self pity mode, waste of time
  • It helps us to appreciate friends, family, as imperfect as they are, including our parents, oh what you thought you were so perfect, huh, since when?
  • Hopefully it helps us to love more, even within boundaries

Do we always get along with those we love and do they always get along with us?  Do we always like each other?  Hell no! In those rituals we find hopefully a frequency of miracles, of forgiveness of self and those within our circles because guess what, we are no pearl, angel, or saint, not 24/7and there are times when we are not that endearing to them, just like they are not to us.  However, in these rituals, celebrations, prayerful, even meditative ro, we can find healing, reconciliations and miracles if we so choose.


Love, Not Perfect? Huh?

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We all see the movies, the TV Shows, have read the romance novels and yes those sparks flying at first sight and that continue at second, third, fourth, even fifth sight do exist.   When you tell someone a relationship takes work, it might scare them, but what does all this mean?  Think about anything you really care about long term, what do you do, whether it’s a talent, a vocation etc…, what do you do?  You take time to cultivate it, put energy into it, cherish, honor and respect it.  If you have a band, team you work with, well you figure out how to harmonize, synchronize.  The same goes with love, a relationship, even when sparks fly between you at first or fifth or even the 100th sight.  If one person has to maybe in the beginning make more an a logistics effort to be with the other, they do it.  If a bold move is required, bold not overly aggressive pounce dumb scare the person, then you go a bit bold, even if it’s a bit out of your conform zone.  Remember to honor, cherish the bond, even that spark, those fireworks that fly between you, make sure that there are sacred boundaries, that in all relationships the way it is approached and unfolds is something that is organic, yet at the same time there is that effort put forth to make it happen when you have meditated etc.. and truly have been given spiritual discernment heart, spirit and soul that that relationship, partnership has a green light.  Then forward and onward my friends whether a personal relationship or vocational one, and always with spiritual inner guidance and wisdom.   

Shalom and Amen

Change or Inspire to Change?

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We have heard it said that love can move mountains and change a person, but is that accurate to say, in other words can you really force anyone to change, make anyone change, force life, people  to go in a direction contrary to the direction it is anointed to go in?   Should you for that matter?  When we think of transforming lives, persons for the greater good, or even society, very noble, but can we really force change, and is that a good thing always?  We see the change of subjective truth, reality and morality, society forcing change on this front and what that has done to society, family.  Even at the individual level, if you want a person to change their behavior patterns, negative ones, destructive ones, is the best way to push and try and force it, or to be a positive example of what a happy, healthy, life of constructive, wise, sacred wisdom choices looks like?  There are some things we need to consider before jumping in to automatically change someone overnight and an article  I came across, a few of them really stood out to me.  

Outlook, we have different outlooks and viewpoints that are sometimes based on our life experiences, which might be vastly different and so it might be a good idea if we tried to understand why that other person views the world as they do.  If their family has come from a history and personal experience of constant persecution, they might see a boogey man around every corner.  We might think it’s silly, but not to them, so understanding that might help to figure out an approach.  Motivation, what’s your motivation?  Do you want them to change because you genuinely want what’s best for them, or a selfish ulterior motive? might want to check that because motive matters.  The energy you are putting into trying to change them by force will only take away from any progress you could be making with yourself and your life, which could be an example to them, which cold inspire change.  You’ve heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for”.  Well, if you don’t understand why they see it as they do, have a very selfish motive for wanting to see changes in their lives etc…you may end up with changes that you then find are not what you expected and you may end up regretting having forced changes.  Any change, transformation has to come from within.  That doesn’t mean you can’t inspire through words, actions etc.. in your own life, but any change anyone makes, even your own kids, it has to come from within, from their own free will.  Pray, meditate, be a great example, admit also when you screw up, but also be an example of growing , learning, changing for the better.  That is the best way we can change anyone and by setting boundaries of what behavior we will and will not tolerate in our lives.  Be an example, don’t force, manipulate, just live and have clear boundaries that won’t waiver.

Shalom and Amen

Love, Freedom and Home

Freedom and Home You FInd

One of the beautiful lessons that I hope comes with age is that you can’t make anyone love or like you, that my friends is futile.  Either you will be their cup of tea or you won’t and same goes with others, once you have had some time to know them.  Some people, well they just light up a room when they enter, have a really impacting personality more than others.  That’s okay. 

Love you come to realize, even the romantic kind on which you build a life long companionship, or that in families is a gift, never coerced, shouldn’t be and is never gained through deceit or anything like that.  Love that is truly love is given and received very naturally, very organically, no need to feel guilt about it, or coerced and it truly does feel heart, spirt and soul a place of safety, feels like home.  That’s been something I have to come to understand, love is a gift, the right person, right union etc… has to be one that is a free exchange of effort, time, energy etc… mutually and it mutually feels like home.  Otherwise, it’s not a pure and true love, not a healthy love or relationship.  Sometimes we do have to go through a few wrong ones or a long stretch of an unhealthy one in life to realize this, just the way it is.  Hopefully sooner rather than later we realize it and we see that love if not given freely, joyfully etc… is not love and if that relationship does not feel totally safe and like home, not a good one.  We tend to want the constant rush of excitement, and while I absolutely believe that a physical attraction matters, that having a great connection on different levels matters, again if the love can not mutually, is not mutually given fully, freely, it is a healthy love and it can not be home.  Home, true home safe, vibrant, joyful and warm is where we should all want to be.


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The Fading Away

night sky and stars


As I look around and as I look at life I see, what do I see?

I see vague memories,

Flower in a book of long ago, a fabric of a favorite dress,

Now faded, so you can’t quite tell the color that it once was.

I see faded parchment, paper that now is yellowish, delicate to the touch,

Stars that are no longer shining in the sky,

Day that goes into night,

And night that goes into day.

That is what I see.


Just as these things fade in life,

I have seen people fade out and away,

Bonds that one thought were deep and strong,

They slowly faded until they were but a distant memory.

In some cases it was because truth was spoken that could not be accepted,

In others, who knows, one day suddenly there was silence,

No particular incident or reason, just silence.,

Day into night, night into day, a fading away.


Intelligence, Is It About Books, Facts?


We often think of intelligence as knowledge of facts, as if knowing facts or being passionate about a cause, for the sake of the cause, makes for  intelligence.  Well, no it doesn’t.  Intelligence is not about how much information you know or retain, nor how passionate you are about a cause just because you are.  Intelligence is more complex than that, so when I came across this, ti really spoke to me.  When coaching, teaching, ministering, parenting,  in relationships, intimate ones, it might be a good idea to try and understand which of these intelligences a person is operating from, so we can interact accordingly.  I hope this chart can be helpful to us in our interactions with others, as interactions with others can be baffling at times.


What Kind of Spark?

Soulmate Is.jpg

I have thought about this spark thing and what kind of spark makes for life partnership?  Is a life partner spark that one that kind that of someone who makes you jump out of your skin, someone with whom you have everything in common with?  Hmm, well, I think it’s a very personal thing, what may be sparkline to me, may not be sparkline to someone else.  If there is someone with whom there are things in common, but also things not in common so that we learn from each other, we open new doors to each other that’s a great connection.  Also great is a connection that is very comfortable, very sweet, warm, we can easily connect, talk to each other, pretty much from the beginning,  It’s someone that for me I would have been comfortable with from day one, challenges me to be a better me, to explore my dreams, gifts, talents, even if they never said a word to me,  Though there might be differences on some things, the key points we are on the same page, at least in principle, even if not on the mechanism of how to achieve it, not right away.  It’s a relationship where though we are one, we also have clear separate identities and also have separate activities, we are not glued at the hip, though we do share a lot of activities and stuff.  We are also very supportive of each other’s goals and dreams, finding a way to align them with our life together somehow in a way that is always good for the relationship.   That’s the core of what I see as a soulmate relationship.  What about the spark, the fire and all that?  Depends on what you mean by that.  The spark could be spark in terms of something where every time you see the person your heart jumps, you et all shaky and wooo hoooo, kind of thing.  Spark could also be where every time you see them, you get all warm and fuzzy inside and feel really glad to see them, want to give them the biggest bear hug every and just be in their arms all day and all night.  Spark can mean different things for different relationships at different stages of life and depending on the people involved.  It’s a companion, a friend, a stable and secure relationship one you can lean on, trust and depend on to help you through life. There’s a mutual feeling of love and respect and a sense of being in sync with each others needs and wants.   It may be that we find this union early on in life or it may be we are meant to find it much later in life.  Once you do find each other, pray that the Lord finds a way to unite you that is beautiful and sacred.   Doesn’t mean you won’t have disagreements, but if you are “the one” for each other you will navigate the storms pretty easily and without causing damage to the other, or to the relationship and will gowo in love even more over time.

Shalom and Amen

Bravery of Setting Free

Today You Did The Bravest Thing.jpg

We often feel that if we love something or someone we must hold on tight, so so tight, or bend truth to accommodate until truth is not longer recognizable.    Of course that is the gut response, even when it comes to faith, to core faith values, to patterns, relationships.  When it comes to faith, we sometimes want to hold on so tight to congregations, rather leaders do, that truth, biblical truth gets lost, thrown out the window in the name of PC and Inclusivity.  In relationships, we sometimes are so convinced we have to hold on because of duty or because if we love them, we have to hold on, have to fight, even when it is dead, long dead, and thus we cause misery to all.  Not to say one shouldn’t do one’s best to make things work and to treat people in the faith community with general human empathy and such, but not to the point you destroy the truth of scripture.  In our own dreams and pursuit, we may be grasping at straws so stubborn in what we want and not moving in the path we are supposed be moving in.   Sometimes the best way to love ourselves, others, is to say “I am letting you go, letting you walk out that door.  God Bless and Goodbye”  That includes faith institutions and entities, no watering down Biblical Truth, or Constitutional Truth or History, none of it, sometimes you have to be willing to shrink your church etc… and stand by the truth no matter what.  Is it always fun to let go, to say goodbye, even to dreams we had if those dreams are not meant to be our dreams?  Yes, yes it is, but sometimes in the long run you have to say goodbye for the greater, greatest good of all and for truth.

Shalom and Amen

Those Afraid of Truth

People Afraid of the Truth.jpg

I don’t remember much about the movie A Few Good Men, except for the line that Nicholas tells Cruise, “The truth, you can’t handle the truth”  It is a line that rings very true to life because we say we want honesty, truth all of that, but yet we afraid to accept it, even to share it about how we feel., what is truly happening.  We see this with Clinton, Comey, McCabe and in life often, even in marriages, where the marriage is dead, can’t be saved but people will lie to themselves.  We may see it in that we have feelings for others, but are too scared to say anything or have this notion of it has to be the perfect timing, setting, scenario etc… so we say nothing, time passes, though the electricity fills the room each time we them, we say nothing because not ideal something.   When others also are honest, sincere in saying what they feel, or in saying it’s time to close a door to something long dead for the sanity, health etc.. of all, don’t want to hear that, no.  Truth, honesty, we say we want it, but no, even the news media if we look at cable will often tell us what we want to hear, not stick to plain facts, distinguish news from opinion, trust us to take the facts, put them together and form our own opinion of what the hell is going on and vote etc… accordingly.  Truth, rare commodity, really is liquid gold, which is a pity, real pity.


Only People Mad at You.jpg

It’s easy to live a lie, for any one of us to be determined to not see or hear truth.  The truth, even prophetic, word of knowledge, strongly intuitive, connect the dots, all these truths should be embraced for guidance, should be, but are often not.  Why not? 

We have dreams, illusions and all that jazz going on, so when someone comes at us with any truth that we feel sabotages that, messes with that, we don’t want to hear it, not from the Holy Spirit, not from others.  An article I came across spoke on this subject and pointed out  that besides the defense mechanisms employed with frightening regularity, we have grown into a culture that, despite proclaiming a desire for the truth, would actually prefer to be lied to.  Say what, we want to be lied to?  Think about it, now schools want everyone to feel special so even effort awards are given, all kinds of stuff like this.  The problem the article points out is two fold the problem is twofold: first, as a culture we’ve come to expect to be spared our feelings at the cost of the truth, to be lied to. Second, defense mechanisms and other aspects of perception work to keep the individual in an illusion which is intended to be better than reality.  We tell people white lies all the time to make them feel better, even to ourselves fighting against the path anointed to us, determined to go the path we want at all cost.  We talk about keeping it real, or even receiving divine guidance, inspiration, but many of us might prefer the illusion rather than the reality of things. 

What happens when a friend won’t feed any of that and will give the truth on any level as they see it, are given in word of knowledge for you, any of that?  The person has to be honest enough to say it as is, especially with big picture stuff.  If they are all excited about a certain event, the dress they chose, or ask about weight, well you may have to be a bit diplomatic.  In general if you are going to be a true parent, spouse even friend, you need to be willing to share these types of truths, not in a yelling screaming way, but straight forward as you can.  If the other person is unwilling to embrace that, you may find a cold and frozen wall in front of you.  That’s okay, just keep praying and keep speaking these truths, as certain things go of course be sure you have the factual info.  If you find you feel you always have to say what the other wants to hear, can’t be honest, truthful with that person, well you may have to accept a walking away.  At some point they will realize the truth is preferable to mere illusion.  That is not to say you don’t encourage a person’s gifts etc… but always do so in a way that is of truth, be at peace with that.

Shalom and Amen