New Poem In Progress Not Enough Anymore Not Enough Anymore Words can be quite lovely, quite magical and enticing. They can be like the wings of a butterfly and shine like a million stars in the sky, Or they can be like sweet honey in your mouth and for a moment so sweet to the taste, Especially those […]

The Future Is Also Now The Future is Also the Now The future is also the now. The future is not only some distant place or time as we may think, Though it may well seem to us that way because we can’t see it. The future is not something we can guarantee unfold the way we want or […]

Con Te -Poem in Progress

Con Te -A Poem in Progress Con Te Con Te Mi sento da volare. Con te me sento che sto tocando il alto del celo, i raggi del sole, Me non mi bruccia, trovo un colare maraviglioso, e un amore di possibilita infinito Con Te Mi sento da volare. This is a poem I began writing […]

Mosaic Sample and New Poem

Mosaic Sample and New Poem Time to Let Go It’s said that adversity is a great teacher and may be cause it taught me a lot about me. I’m ready to take all that and start to live the life I always dreamed down deep in my soul, One of love, music and words for […]

Mosaic Samples-Poetry

Mosaic Samples -Theme Love Sky Eyes You came into my life, one cold afternoon As I walked that clanky subway home. Yet, I never imagined, What a fateful meeting that would be And when I saw you again, My heart skipped a beat or two. Don’t Want Retribution or Revenge Sometimes, when I think how […]