New Poem In Progress

Not Enough Anymore

Not Enough Anymore

Words can be quite lovely, quite magical and enticing.

They can be like the wings of a butterfly and shine like a million stars in the sky,

Or they can be like sweet honey in your mouth and for a moment so sweet to the taste,

Especially those three words “I love you”.

However, without concrete gestures, and acts it’s all they are, momentary magic,

And then the magic wears off and you realize, with a sad heart,

Words are not enough anymore.

The Future Is Also Now

The Future is Also the Now

The future is also the now.

The future is not only some distant place or time as we may think,

Though it may well seem to us that way because we can’t see it.

The future is not something we can guarantee unfold the way we want or desire all the time,

The future is something we build moment to moment day to day,

So in essence the beauty, connections love everlasting of tomorrow are created today,

So in essence, the future is also the now.

At Mass today, the pastor gave a great sermon on the first apostles and how courageous they were because they really had no blueprint for the Messianic Church, for Messianic Reform Judaism, so this was all new territory in essence.  He also spoke of Jesus’s advice on tomorrow and it inspired now, just now thinking about that sermon this poem.

Con Te -Poem in Progress

Con Te -A Poem in Progress

Con Te

Con Te Mi sento da volare.

Con te me sento che sto tocando il alto del celo, i raggi del sole,

Me non mi bruccia, trovo un colare maraviglioso, e un amore di possibilita infinito

Con Te Mi sento da volare.

This is a poem I began writing over the weekend when I metaphysically felt during meditation a shift that was happening in the being of someone I have a deep connection to.  I could feel their opening up to our connection and it was amazing.  I put into words what that feeling felt like as the connection deepened and opened up.  It came out in Italian, so that’s how I wrote it.

Mosaic Sample and New Poem

Mosaic Sample and New Poem

Time to Let Go

It’s said that adversity is a great teacher and may be cause it taught me a lot about me.

I’m ready to take all that and start to live the life I always dreamed down deep in my soul,

One of love, music and words for the whole world to share.I need to be flying, laughing, loving and living and can’t do that if I keep doing what I was doing.

Ready to finally be me, be true to  me, who I am.


Do I Stay or Walk Away?

As I perceive and receive in prayer and contemplation, even just spontaneous telepathy and intuition,

And as I hear the inner dialogue, as in a play, a question keeps arising in my heart and in my soul,

It is one that has been in question for so long, and  unanswered,

But I know at some point must be answered, even if it shatters my heart once and for all.

Do I walk away or do I stay?


I wrote the first one as I finally came to grips with the Fibromyalgia and realized it was a second or even a third chance.  It was the chance to finally be what God meant me to be, who God meant me to be.  

I wrote the second one spontaneously today.  It just came to me, just suddenly and I know that it a question that all of face at some point in life in regards to some situation.  Sometimes the answer we are left with is gut wrenching and heartbreaking and sometimes not.  Sometimes the other person will surprise us, or they may let us down, the final straw.  We’ll give it one more chance.

Mosaic Samples-Poetry

Mosaic Samples -Theme Love

Sky Eyes

You came into my life, one cold afternoon
As I walked that clanky subway home.
Yet, I never imagined,
What a fateful meeting that would be
And when I saw you again,
My heart skipped a beat or two.

Don’t Want Retribution or Revenge

Sometimes, when I think how love can turn to hate,
I have to hold my breath,
So they don’t hear me cry.
I don’t want to live with that poison in this world.
I wanna live fearless,
In a world where everyone lives in love and peace.

The first one I wrote for someone who turned my life and heart inside out, and was a catalyst for a lot of personal growth.  Some connections just blow you away and turn life upside down and inside out, change you, force you to grow and grow up, God uses them to force change, and they don’t always make sense. 

The second one is an observation of how people can turn bitter on life after a bad experience and how I really prayed I would never allow anything like that to happen to me and I think I have succeeded.  I may hate what people do, but I pray for the Shalom of every person and their transformation in and through Christ every day.