Legalism or Relationship and Boundaries

When we are looking at life, as people of faith and I use the bible because that is what I am familiar with and the path I choose.  When you are deciding how to live life, govern, manage has as a Christian for example one has two paths that are possible in making decisions, […]

The Dark Night

We are consciousness, spirit, soul, breath inhabiting a physical temple, physical home for a time.  When life keeps hitting us with stuff, we can easily get lost in the events, in the pain etc.. When we lose that part of us that can empathize, can flow with our gifts, talents, and may walk around numb, unable to […]

No, You Don’t Hear Voices

When one speaks of hearing the Spirit, or the Spirit spoke to me, is that the Holy Spirit and what does that mean, the Holy Spirit of the Creator speaking to us?   Often people may feel that the Holy Spirit means you have to speak in tongues in public or it has to be […]

Benefits of Meditation

Why go back? Usually we are all about going forward, trail blazing.  Why are people now looking more and more to ancient practices including homeopathy?  What is in these ancient practices that are drawing people to them?  Good question and I hope this provides somewhat of an answer. People are now going back to ancient practices […]

Reflection On Abraham and Faith

This is the Gospel reading for today.  Of course there is the clear admonition, anger as regards the sins that have been committed and rightly so.  That is important, the knowledge of “missing the mark and what that mark is, but there is something else here that strikes me.  That is Abraham’s response, how he […]

Divine Oneness, Law of Attraction

  The Law of Divine Oneness is everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us. And the Wheel of Life is a simple yet powerful tool for visualizing all areas of your life at once to see where […]

Sainthood = Perfection, hmmmm?

When people think saint, holy, they often think, oh perfect, that saint had it all together, no fears, nothing.  Well, no, as a matter of fact my Patrol Saint, St. Catherine of Sienne, gave the popes and world leaders lots of headaches, and i you look at the life of some of the other saints, your […]

Until I Learned..

We bemoan the trials and tribulations of life and yes they are by no means a fun ride, far from it and some feel like one is living through a personal hell.  Last night the pain from my endometriosis was pretty bad, wy whole lower body and back hurt like heck, and at certain moments […]

Sunday Wisdom

Today’s Gospel talks about seeds and where they fall and all that jazz.  What’s up with Scripture and seeds, seems to like to talk bout seeds, trees and branches.  I have been sharing my spiritual journey with you and trying to find my place in the faith of my heritage, as I also have this pull […]