Canticle of the Sun


Appreciating creation and the Creator, forces of creation is important because if we can not value that, appreciate the beauty of nature, of love, love of parent and child , of animals and humans, vice versa, different things that make this universe wondrous, we can never appreciate our own gifts, talents or human life to the fullest.  I hope you enjoy this canticle.

Phrase Caught My Eye

Christ Consciousness

I AM the violet flame, blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power freeing everyone. 

I was scrolling through a site that had to do with the Violet Flame and St Germaine, and to me the Violet Flame represents the Holy Spirit, God’s spirit of wisdom, instruction, conscience all of that.  When we have that connection to the divine, to divinity, to the Creator, how exactly are we a blazing sun and able to free everyone?

When you have strong spiritual centering, a strong prayer and meditative life, solid understanding of biblical principles and all that, you are able to live a life of “law and order”, of boundaries, of clarity and clear decision making, of wise decision making. It helps us to discipline our animalistic instincts and impulses, which if let run amok can bring great destruction, the impulses of greed, vanity, ego etc… It helps us to put some speed limits on ourselves and our lives. It also helps us with forgiveness because unforgivness brings a high price, it even affects our physical health, it’s literally a poison to our system.  Think about it, our decision, actions and reactions have a domino effect on others, so if you are a violet flame, blazing sun, sacred power, that is also humble and grateful, live your life that way, an example of that, also confident in your spiritual center, raise your kids that way and are an example to your grandkids in this and young people, that’s huge.  We do have the power to free others, that includes setting our society free from this obsession with being victims with seeing boogy men everywhere, supremacy and victimization everywhere, free people from a culture of dependency and all that.  First we have to free ourselves, remember charity starts at home, so does freedom.  May we all embrace the beauty of connecting to our Creator and the power of the Violet Flame, the Holy Spirit.



Christ and The Uplifting of Society

Christ Consciousness

In this modern society, we are facing one of biggest crisis of faith and understanding. We are seeing family values being violated and old religions being made fun of. Yet there is a way to evolve our society above all of this. In this article I will explain that, “One Way.”

I like to listen to various programs, even on youtube and also discuss different themes and issues with others. There is a deep concern shared about society. For those of the Christian faith, there, those of deep faith, there is the assurance that Christ enlightened us, also through his sacrifice saved us from damnation. There is also discussion about poor doomed souls of those of atheist faith, where they stand on society. We have tables because we identify by those labels, natural as humans. Can those labels become a double edged sword?

We see crisis everywhere. Suddenly in this age, we are seeing a marked increase in both extremism in religion and atheism. The extremists have concluded that only one way goes to salvation. With this ideal, they have built more barriers to approaching spiritual religions than ever before. The atheists claim that this universe came into being by its own self. There is no God just like there is no life after death. Considering this, I understand that others have the free will to choose what to believe. We do have to recognize that when people did engage in actions that were not good, holy, Christ made that known, but he also showed forgiveness, he did both.  However, we are seeing lack of empathy, spiritual crisis and many other problems, you just name it. It seems we have a bit of a difficult time with that, with forgiveness.  The people have started to hate each other due to difference of opinions and beliefs. We then see another class, not caring about religion or much about any faith, going on with their lives in their professions. Somehow within their life, they must have felt that gap, about which they tricked themselves into thinking that they have filled it with goals and wealth.

All of this has a positive face too. We are seeing people awakening and searching through things, breaking dogmatism. It is this time when the universal concept of Christ is needed most. In my previous articles I explained it very well that Christ Consciousness is not something related to Christians totally. In fact it is more like enlightenment. It is to realize that Jesus came not for not for one faction, rather for all of humans. When we tune into that love delivered in purest form, we then realize that all humans are connected. What harbors differences can now be replaced with love and understanding. In this time, I believe understanding is one of most critical issues. We often see understanding problems especially within teenagers. By accepting the love of Jesus, we get the sensation that God loves us. He hears us. We never feel alone and misunderstood. We realize by tuning into his love that humans are different which means they will have different opinions. Christ Consciousness teaches us to respect that others have differences. It teaches us to have open mind. We start respecting life and find that it has deeper meaning. The whole society transforms. People are no longer as religious; they are still spiritual beings looking to religion to guide them. It is this way, Christ Consciousness harbors a way for positive development of whole society.

Know Yourself as Eternal, Non-changing and Absolute

Baptism of Fire

As we walk through life we see the constant change around us as everything follows its natural life cycle. Our body is no exception; it is constantly changing growing and evolving. Yet the person within the body, that silent witness to all we experience, has an eternal quality of something much greater and more permanent that who or what we think we are.

In our quite moments when we are walking or sitting with nature, our feelings reach out and connect and touch a deeper layer of our heart and soul. We become in union with that hidden force that orders the whole of creation. We can be one with this field of love, this presence of the divine, which is within us and surrounding us in each moment of our lives.

All we need to do is just be present and our awareness will naturally settle and become one with its divine nature. We leave behind our physical nature and connect with that presence of love that underlies the physical. We connect with our true Self the silent witness to our life and experiences.

That which was never born can never die. Our true self is the eternal continuum of life itself. What happens in our life is here just for a few moments; we are connected to the whole of life. We can choose any experience we wish to have in each moment, just by choosing that experience with the next breath we take.

You have come to earth for a divine purpose, to have an experience and to create your dreams with your imagination. Next time you are out in nature take the time to reflect on what your dream is? What you have chosen to create in this lifetime. Ask yourself what your true nature is? Like any plant in the garden we are all unique. We have come into this world with a specific DNA a blue print for life. A rose can only grow into a rose, a daisy a daisy. What is your nature?

We surround ourselves with a loving nurturing atmosphere. We are here to grow and develop jus t like the plants in the garden. We have been allocated a life cycle, just like the plants. This is not a dress rehearsal it is life itself.

What is your dream? What is your passion? What difference do you want to create and express in this lifetime? We are all different we all have a different nature and a different dream to live.

We are not here to copy anyone, we are here to express our nature and live our dream and be the finest example of who and what we wish to create in this lifetime.

So next time you are feeling connected to your soul and at peace with the whole Universe. Allow your higher Self to guide you, on your path to your true destiny. Dream your dream, and live your life expressing your joy and blossoming into your full nature.

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Sharing Insight of Others is Wisdom


Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I enjoy sharing my experiences with you and hope they help and inspire in some ways, but I also love finding nuggets of wisdom that others have put forth that I think can be of great inspiration or food for thought.  This article and the next one I will share with you are examples of that.

Memories and Emotions can Colour our Awareness

By: George Lockett

Memories of past events in our life can have associated with them deep emotional charge. This can cause these memories to keep repeating themselves over and over again throughout our life.

Sometimes the pattern is triggered by our environment and sometimes by a person or situation. Once triggered, the memory of the event plays out, with all the deep emotional charge of the original event.

The first step to solving this pattern of behaviour is to become aware of the process. If you find your mood swinging for no apparent reason it may be that one of these past memories is playing out at a subconscious level.

By focusing on what is happening, you are bring it back into the conscious mind and questioning the validity of the experience and emotions you are experiencing.

Through forgiveness we can release the energies, which are stuck in this pattern of experience and behaviour. Through forgiveness we release the emotional charge and this can be both for the other person and yourself or associated with an event.

These memory patterns can keep playing out over long periods of time and create shadows, which stop us seeing the true reality of a situation. As we move into the new energy more of these patterns of behaviour are coming up to the surface of the mind to be released.

As we release each one, we become a little more aware of the true reality around us. We become a little more centred within ourselves and aware of what is happening now and receive genuine information from our senses.

This growth in our awareness and expansion of our feelings and emotions allows us to grow in self knowledge. It gives us the freedom to choose our mood first and come from our own heart centre and radiate love to those around us.

We stop reacting to life and start to create the life we would love to experience and grow into. We empower ourselves to see life as it truly is and enjoy it in the moment, without carrying all the baggage of past events with us. We become a master of ourselves and therefore master the way we see and experience the world in which we live.

We are growing on the path to mastery and enjoying living life in an evolutionary way. This growth is happening now on an individual level. Soon we will see it happening in our communities and on the level of government and will grow into a new awareness in the world of the oneness of life.

It’s About God, and Community

Most PRecious Blood

I spoke about the disconnect between my cultural heritage as an Italian-American Catholic and my theological leaning that are more Conservative Anglican.  That will always be a conflict present in my life to some extent, won’t it?  

Today I realized something.  It doesn’t have to, not if I focus on the core, on the Noahide Laws, Metaphysical Science understanding of life and faith, and Christ, my relationship to the Trinity.  It doesn’t be if I focus when at Mass in the Catholic Church on the presence of Christ, of the Holy Trinity.   If I am not comfortable with the Catholic Rosary, I pray the Anglican rosary, and if I feel more comfortable with the Anglican prayers, I can simply pray those.  Nothing says I can’t, my choice, I have religious liberty, free will.  While the theology I may adhere to, with the exception of the Eucharist, which I do believe transmutes, since Christ said it was his body and blood, not a symbol of, I can still appreciate my heritage.  Today after Mass for example we had the seniors gather for coffee and recall the past, the neighborhood, people from the area that have passed.  It was a beautiful thing.  It was lovely that sense of community, remembering childhood.  It really was a lovely thing.  It doesn’t change the fact that my theology tends more towards the Anglican, conservative Anglican, and traditionalism, but I can still attend Mass, even a feast honoring a saint and appreciate the cultural aspect of it all.  I may not venerate the saints or anything like that, but I can appreciate the sentiment, the dedication of those who do, their sincerity in doing this, and appreciate tradition, these traditions.  They can still provide grounding and a sense of identity, of where I came from, roots.



Christ, That Consciousness as Identity

Christ Consciousness

In my last article I talked about Christ Consciousness through us, what it means to me. How can we realize the fact that the God is not a distant outside  unreachable force, but also within?  As I move further with topic, I would like to ask you a thing. How many times have you faced identity crisis? How many times you wanted desperately to become someone you hoped to be and found out later that you had become someone entirely different? What is it that I hear? It never happened to you? Well if it did, this article is here to help you. If it never happened, I tell you there is still a treat in store for you.

Christ Consciousness as described by many is a state of enlightenment, divine merge with God. It is an important fact to be noted that the enlightenment reaches not to us by automatic process, rather we choose to evolve. Everyone faces spiritual crisis and hardships in life. All signs can be easily ignored should we go back to our unrefined old selves. It is us who choose to see where we need changing in our thinking and life pattern.

For proper transformation spiritually, we have to admit the fact that we change in our consciousness as well as our identity. Christ Consciousness is as described a divine process of enlightenment. It is state of merging with God. I told you in my last discussion that Lord Jesus taught us the divine truth. God is within us. We have access to God power as much as the next person may that be a religious or a normal colleague. That being said, what about our identity? Now here is what the topic becomes really interesting. Our identity is who we are. As we spiritually ascend our former selves, we realize that boundaries between us and God are becoming blurred. God is within us. As St. Teresa spoke of transformation being process of finding self in God and God in self. Then what is self originally?

It is to be told to the dear reader that Christ Consciousness is not the root of confusion between God and self. Quite the contrary! We realize how through seeking change within us, we are imperfect. How much we have to realize that the only way to reach God is through self-seeking process. We realize that each human is a walking treasure. Each human being has God within self. As we awaken, we become more aware of our likes and dislikes as we are challenged to change them. We realize the divine truth that God accesses each of us separately. No two souls are same. Our soul is manifestation of Lord’s love. Every person has a different role to play. Therefore, God has different enlightenment planned for everyone. What may work for me, may not work exactly same for my brothers and sisters. Therefore, through self-seeking, by realizing our own potential and essence, we solidify our identity and then reach the God within.  For me, the Anglican rosary is comfortable to pray, not the Catholic one, though I was raised Catholic, and meditation with specific affirmations, maybe bible related, speaking to God in conversation  is more comfortable for me than rote structured prayer. That may not be the case for other.  Each of us has our own way that we can connect to God based on our personality, gifts, talents, that’s ok, so long as it is constructive, always constructive and sincere.