Thank You Fellow Bloggers


Thank You Fellow Bloggers

The blogger community is diverse that is true, but that is true of humanity, in terms of personality types etc…, so the blogger community is also diverse.  Sometimes bloggers can rush in without thought to what they publish etc.., but for the most part we are hopefully sharing and providing a valuable service.

Therefore I would like to thank all my fellow bloggers for the time, effort and for those who engage in research as part of your blogging for the work you put in as regards the research.  For the artist bloggers thank you for sharing your art, your talents with us, it enriches.  For all you fellow bloggers, especially those who blog responsibly, thank you so much for your contributions.

Thank You and God Bless.

The Plan -Coaching and Arts

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I want to figure out how to best approach the artist and coaching path, which in a way I see as connected and both matter to me, very much. I have worked out a plan for this, as planning wisely is important in life. Here is what I plan and I hope to see it come to fruition.


  • Continue to offer songs and poems on the blog
  • WIth your financial support, this is crucial, create greater quality of work
  • With your financial support, periodically create video pieces as well


  • Continue sharing my personal life experiences through this blog
  • Create short meditations you can listen to anytime on this blog, and should be able to download, as I know everyone is pressed for time in our society these days
  • Create longer meditations for when you can take more time for yourself perhaps on weekends, those would be for sale on my Bandcamp site, higest quality mixed and mastered works, with your help and support
  • See what else in time the spirit leads me to offer

I could offer everything for sale, but I don’t really want to, I really would like with your help to offer what I can on this site to as many people as possible.  Not everyone has the ability to go out there and pay for a Coach and even buy books of poetry and enjoy music performance, so with your help, we can bring poetry and more to a wide audience.  Thank You.



Please Support This Blog

Life and Liberty, God Bless America

The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I truly enjoy sharing with you and would like to do a lot more with this blog platform,  and my kaartist blog, offer a lot more.  However being on a low fixed income limits what I can do. However, I am sure that with your help and your donations I can do a lot more such as:

  • blog upgrade to unlimited storage
  • Equipment, space upgrade for better quality recording
  • Offer seminars and such through the blog with PDF files

I hope you will find it in your heart if these blogs inspire you etc.. in any way to donate on a one time basis or a monthly basis via paypal using the email: and thank you.


Big Thank You


Inspiration Peace and Love


I can not thank you enough for following my blog and hope you will also enjoy my artist blog.  It is a privilege to be able to share, so thank you so much for following.  I read what my fellow bloggers right and it truly is wonderful to have this technology to be able to share so much and connect even if only virtually to all of you.

Happy Valentine


Inspiration Peace and Love

I came across this poem and am sharing it with all of you.

On Valentine’s Day, da day of affection,
I’m sending fond thoughts in ur direction.

U’re really special, my perfect friend;
2gthr, we are a perfect blend.

U give my life a special shine;
Will u b my bst frnd Valentine?

I want to thank all my followers for making this journey with me as I share what is going on with my life and my artistic journey.  Thank you all for sharing your blog, your writing, your talents with all of us. Happy Valentine.

Thank You and Kudos



I wanted to thank all those who follow me, it’s very gratifying to share what I do with all of you.  Thank you.  I also wanted to say Kudos to all my fellow bloggers who give of themselves through blogging.  

Those of us who blog are giving a piece of self to the reader and it is a wonderful thing to be able to feel you can open yourself up and share what is in your heart and soul.  It is a gift to the blogger I think and those who get to see into our heart, spirit and soul.  Therefore Kudos to all my fellow bloggers for sharing a piece of yourselves with the world.

Shalom and Amen