I Thank You

I thank you

I wanted to thank my followers and my fellow bloggers, both are a wonderful gift.  Your time, energy, in reading posts and those who put in the time and energy to share their wisdom, what they learn, have learned.  To both my followers and fellow blogger, I say, thank you. 

Namaste, Shalom, and Amen

Let Me Know, Let Ur Voice Be Heard


I love sharing what I share with all of you, but I also want to know what you would content you might like to see me write about in this blog, expand on, so I would love for you to let me know when you like a post, what else you might like me to write about whether on that topic or a related topic.  I love sharing my journey with you, what I see around me etc.., but it’s also important that I know what you would like to know about, read about in this blog, so I hope you will share that with me as part of your likes on any particular post. 

Thanks and Bless

Thank You For Your Voice

yin and yang


When God created us, he didn’t create robots, which means we have a diverse chorus of voices and those voices don’t always meld into a harmonious chorus, but those voices the different ones we find in the blogs etc… they give us a window in who we are, who different part of society are, so much more. It also is a valuable tool in seeing where evil lies, and if we do see that evil, or that lost soul, maybe we need to figure out how to make  a difference, pray, something constructive to make the world of less darkness and more light.  We should know what we stand for, and if we are defending something, is it because we believe it or have to right.  That’s also important, are you standing firm because you truly have that worldview, it truly is who you are heart, spirit and soul, or are you standing firm because you just have to be right all the time? Every once in a while it’s to examine the soul.  I wanted to say thank you to all the bloggers and voices in social media, constructive ones who make a difference, to the ones that are not standing for authenticity, who they truly are heart, spirit and soul, have not made that arduous journey to know that, who are just following the crowd, the friends, what your angry bitter professors teach you, may you be inspired by divine inspiration and find your actual truth. 

Shalom and Amen

Wings to Fly, You as The Wind

soaring eagle



I recorded a new meditation, and hope to do more of that and of course more songs of my own and also improve spoken word, to really be a blessing.  Another way I hope to be a blessing is to support and stand with Israel by giving some of my time to organizations such as Proclaiming Justice To The Nations.  I love doing what I do with this blog, the songs, and I do the best I can in terms of creating the best quality product I can, using online mastering tools and all that.  I know it’s not ideal, but I love sharing it all with all of you.  I thank you for the chance to do this, to share, to be a part of your lives in some small way, maybe make an impact in some small way.  I would like to do more, to host live events, free seminars live, free prayer and meditation events.  I hope you will find it in your heart to donate to this blog or purchase the songs etc…That will give greater wind beneath these wings and help this eagle to fly higher to perhaps impact more people in more ways.  I thank you in advance for the earning of my daily bread, the ability to help others and letting me be a part of your day and make a difference in any way I can.



Thank You Fellow Bloggers

Northern Lights II


I want to say thank you to my fellow bloggers and poets.

Thank you for the time you take to put pen to blog,

For the insights you pen each and every day,

The various insights brought forth,

Even when we may not all be in agreement.

Thank you for sharing your heart and soul,

Your thoughts, your lives, observations and so much more.

For all of this and what I may have forgotten to mention,

Thank you.

Gratitude, Starting Point

The Only Prayer.jpg

We pray many prayers, but how often do we wake up, go to sleep or even during the say look up, look around and say Thank You, for life itself, for the amazing universe, nature, the amazement of it.  I have been watching Blue Planet and nature literally, the beauty of it, brings me to tears, moves my heart.  Let’s make part of our daily prayers and I need to do this also, Thank You. Who knows what changes we might see.

Donations and Outreach, To What?


I wanted you all to know that any donation you give to this blog, at least 20% of all donations at the end of the month will be distributed to charity, groups such as: Conservation Fund, Humane Society, Caritas, Becket Fund, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Americares. I think it is important that if I receive, I also give and I want you to know that any donation you give to help sustain the blog will also be used to help others.

God Bless and Thank You.

How Often Do We Thank Him?

Psalms of Thanks

If you think about our attitude as sons and daughters, even of the Lord, how often do we say thank you?  We are great at asking for stuff, even demanding stuff, as if it were a right, an obligation for all we ask for to be given and we are great at complaining.  How often do we give thanks for what we do have, for what we are blessed with?  I say this even for myself.  It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos of life etc… that we never stop to say thanks for what is in my life, the good things, even in the midst of pain and chaos, of having to let go of people etc… in life.  Even for example in the midst of a divorce, for example, if we could stop to say thank you and recognize any good, it might not end up being nasty or destructive.  Thanks, saying it and acknowledging the good can be very powerful.