If God’s Myth, Why Attack God, Faith, Spirituality?

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The shooting at the church in Texas, horrific, as are any such acts.  However, what I don’t get is this.  God according to atheists is a myth, fantasy, and yet, they wage war on God, on any organized form of worship and prayer.  Very much a disconnect because if something is pure fantasy, a fantasy comfort blanket, and we have free will to choose what to believe, then why do atheists care if we have any organized form of faith expression public or private?  How can something that does not exist offend, anger etc..?  

If I believe in a God, one that has rules of conduct, action and consequence, for all eternity, and have people hold me accountable for violating those rules of conduct, as imperfect as they themselves may be, it still means I have a major CEO/CFO I have to give accounting to of my actions, my worldview etc…  If that’s the case, then that means I can’t live life any old way, can’t spend my life doing as I please, no reprimand, nothing, just according my my own rules that I make up as I go along.  For some people that’s not something they are willing to accept, so it’s more convenient to live atheistic, even perhaps hedonistic life, so they think.  If they hurt others, no need for in depth remorse, examination of heart, spirit, soul on a regular basis, none of that.  Live and let live and if that live means harm to the greater society, destabilizing it, then do what since there is no clear set of boundaries, fixed moral codes, nothing to be held accountable for.   Some would say that Christ, that belief gives people an out to do what they want, then say sorry to God and all good.  True Christianity never says that, only feel good preachers say that.  God will demand an accounting of all our actions, and search us for true repentance.  Again, that means submitting to God’s authority, plan for how to live, behave etc.., and not everyone is a fan of that.  Some loathe that notion so much that they will go on an attack, full frontal attack and rampage of destruction directly or indirectly because free will and choice, choosing faith and to believe, be part of such a community angers them so much, they wish to eradicate all of that.  Again, if God is just a personal fantasy, even a collective one of a group or groups, why do you care, why go on a warpath, you choose not to believe, don’t, but don’t ever take away rights of others to do so and live by those beliefs.  Christians, true mentally stable ones seek to heal the broken heart, spirit and soul, not destroy.  If you choose not to and bring hatred of God etc.. to society, then you are morally bankrupt, or deeply wounded because of whatever happened in life and maybe because like a spoiled brat you didn’t get what you wanted from dad and are not turning your back on him.  You see like any parent God needs of keep his interference in lives minimal as often as possible for us to learn lessons we need learning if we are open to learning, and to discipline us, like any parent would when needed.  He also has know when to let fall, keep falling until we learn to trust him, reach out to him and help ourselves get up.  Do atheists hate God?  They hate anything that represents him and that submission to his rules, his way of doing things and all that, so they choose to deny.  Sad, in the end it will be their ruin and that of society, already happening, as faith and faith involvement, healthy faith and faith involvement decreases, chaos etc.. increases.  All we who do believe can do is pray and speak Biblical truth, even if spit in the face for it and hope for the best.


Role of Christ Consciousness in Identity


In my last article I talked about Christ Consciousness through us. How we can realize the fact that the true God is not outside but within. As I move further with topic, I would like to ask you a thing. How many times have you faced identity crisis? How many times you wanted desperately to become someone you hoped to be and found out later that you had become someone entirely different? What is it that I hear? It never happened to you? Well if it did, this article is here to help you. If it never happened, I tell you there is still a treat in store for you.

Christ Consciousness as described by many is a state of enlightenment, divine merge with God. It is an important fact to be noted that the enlightenment reaches not to us by automatic process, rather we choose to evolve. Everyone faces spiritual crisis and hardships in life. All signs can be easily ignored should we go back to our unrefined old selves. It is us who choose to see where we need changing in our thinking and life pattern.

For proper transformation spiritually, we have to admit the fact that we change in our consciousness as well as our identity. Christ Consciousness is as described a divine process of enlightenment. It is state of merging with God. I told you in my last discussion that Lord Jesus taught us the divine truth. God is within us. We have access to God power as much as the next person may that be a religious or a normal colleague. That being said, what about our identity? Now here is what the topic becomes really interesting. Our identity is who we are. As we spiritually ascend our former selves, we realize that boundaries between us and God are becoming blurred. God is within us. As St. Teresa spoke of transformation being process of finding self in God and God in self. Then what is self originally?

It is to be told to the dear reader that Christ Consciousness is not the root of confusion between God and self. Quite the contrary! We realize how through seeking change within us, we are imperfect. How much we have to realize that the only way to reach God is through self-seeking process. We realize that each human is a walking treasure. Each human being has God within self. As we awaken, we become more aware of our likes and dislikes as we are challenged to change them. We realize the divine truth that God accesses each of us separately. No two souls are same. Our soul is manifestation of Lord’s love. Every person has a different role to play. Therefore, God has different enlightenment planned for everyone. What may work for me, may not work exactly same for my brothers and sisters. Therefore, through self-seeking, by realizing our own potential and essence, we solidify our identity and then reach the God within.

Quote Reflection Of The Day


” I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust the sails to always reach my destination”  Jimmy Dean

As I see my fibromyalgia worsen and the fatigue etc.. become a daily occurrence, and having to adjust my life to that reality, but wishing to do much in the way of the arts, and other things, this quote seems quite appropriate to reflect on. I may not be able to change the fact that I have fibromyalgia, and I may not be able at any point to do any traveling to perform in any whirlwind manner and stuff like that, so does that mean I can’t pursue my vocation, or arrive at my destination?  No, it doesn’t. What does it mean?  It means that I may have to do a lot of my performing, most of it locally, online, do my PR and Promotion online and all that.  Is it the same as doing live tours and all that jazz? Probably not and yes it frustrates me, but I am still the pilot of the ship that God put me on, though he is the lighthouse providing that guiding light.  He gives me the tools, opportunities etc…, but I have to be free of any anger, bitterness, any notion that life, people etc.. “owe” me anything.  If I have an attitude that life owes me, people owe me anything, if I am angry and bitter then I will not be able to navigate the ship that is my life out of any choppy waters.   As for where I am with my life or am not, I can play the blame game, and if truly wanted to find someone to, could blame society, my parents, childhood etc…, not to say that external stuff doesn’t have influence, sure, but ultimately it is down to my choices in terms of where I am with my life or am not.  I have to accept that, as unpleasant as it may be and take full constructive responsibility.  I can’t put in anyone else but my own decision where I am at with my life, in the end it really does come down to me and what I decide, my actions or inactions.   My ship has goals, goals that will have to be worked out in the context of my Fibromyalgia and though that is not ideal, being angry would serve no purpose, nor be productive.  How will I be productive, well I am already doing it how?

  • Creating and producing content for the blog and my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/kappelloarts
  • Promoting the blog and youtube channel
  • Attending Music Appreciation Class here in my coop and other activities to broaden my horizon
  • Working with my church to launch a successful concert and arts series, sustainable one
  • Working on collaboration with artists to do concerts and other projects
  • I have joined the Constitution Party of NY to restore our Federalist Republic
  • Looking into different senior communities with lots of artistic and faith based activities for my future security

I am being proactive and adjusting the sails to reach my destination of being a working artist and life coach/minister.  Will much of it be online and locally due to the fibromyalgia? Yes, is that ideal, no, but it is okay, it is what it is, it’s an adjustment of the sails, to adjust to the direction of the winds, and that’s fine, perfectly fine, constructive, and good, healthy.

Quote of the Day Reflection


There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.
Bryan H. McGill

Do you have to like everyone you love? Do you have to approve of every action taken by those you love? Wait are these trick questions?  No, they are not.  Loving people does not mean you are going to like or love everything about them, or how they live their lives necessarily.  You may not always be thrilled in the aftermath how you lived your own life, may have moments you don’t like yourself much.  Can you love on a broad human scale to forgive, even if you voice your distaste etc…, hopefully and please non-violently?  You can’t really forgive if you don’t have genuine love for the person, or a general Agape love that is taught in spiritual communities.  Does that mean you have to associate with them, especially if they show a pattern of negative behavior, show they are incapable of true relationship etc…, even true friendship?  No, you don’t.  Forgiving is as much about you and your own journey, loving yourself enough to release the harmful poison that bitterness and lack of forgiving bring to your heart, body, spirit, soul and life.  What about in cases of a tragedy, don’t we want justice?  Yes, but you won’t get justice if you are do blinded by anger and rage that you can’t let justice take its’ course and trust that whether in this life or the after, it will come, in God’s time, not yours, NOT yours.  Justice is not the same as enraged immediate revenge, which could result in an even greater tragedy and error. Without forgiveness there can be no discernment of any truth, that includes forgiving one’s self for errors, missing the mark as scripture says.  Not to say we shouldn’t strive to be better persons and cultivate discernment, right moral, ethical etc… judgement even in how we live our lives, we should, for our sake, the sake of nations, communities and greater society, future generations.  Forgiveness does not mean you have to be a part of someone’s life, have a relationship, or if you do approve of how they are conducting their lives, it means you can mutually agree to disagree and express how you feel without fear one to the other, if you have a really together life with solid boundaries, moral and ethical boundaries etc..who knows you can be a great example for change and transformation. 


When A Marriage Must Dissolve


When a marriage is totally dead, can not be revived is toxic to one or both, is creating ill health etc… and must be dissolved, it is never a happy moment, that moment of realization that this is what must take place, but once you do realize it, then what?  As a child of divorce, not an amicable one, with mom still expressing her bitter thoughts and inability to forgive to this day and making me very uncomfortable and feeling caught in the middle, I am going to discuss this topic.

My advice to both parties to begin with, put your friggin big boy and big girl pants on.  Yes, it sucks when stuff ends, when after putting time and energy into something it dies and has to be walked away from, but newsfalsh you are not the first and you are not going to be the last that is dealing with that situation, so cut the pity party.  What do you do?  GET A GOOD LAWYER, NOT ONE OF VENGEANCE, one who will be objective, fair and make sure you are, and your soon to be ex is.  Get very clear, very centered, very fast, very grown up very fast, very practical very fast, and figure how to move on with dignity, nobility and self respect.  Meditate, pray, put together a plan for moving forward and then stick to it.  Also, get a good lawyer, even a good pro bono lawyer, and with the Internet, you can research and find a licensed with good reviews pro bono lawyer, even with angies list you can find a lawyer with good reviews in your areas.  If you have kids, for goodness sakes, children, stay in adult mode, don’t care how old your kids are, leave them out of your war, it’s your war, not theirs, don’t make it theirs, don’t make it so they have to choose sides, if you do, you are truly losers in every sense in the situation and so are they.  This is my two cents of advice as a child of divorce, not a friendly one.  I also wanted to research and so I am sharing this article.


Goodbye Clutter, Hello Intuitive Vision

This article that I came across resonated with me.  I had joined a bunch of meet up groups, but really was not attending the events and was getting quite lost and cluttered, in my quest for community, connection etc.. I realized I needed to get very focused, really decide where I needed to put my energy.  I needed to figure out what my calling, vocation etc… was and where I could best fulfill it.  To to hat, I had to decultter.  I hope this helps you in your journey to realization of your goals etc…

Ditch Clutter to Tune In Your Intuitive Vision

By: Vickie Milazzo RN, MSN, JD

Without even realizing it, we wake up daily to clutter pouring in-constant television or the Internet at home, talk radio in the car, TV news programs at the airport and loud music in restaurants. Soon our senses become dulled and our vision turns lusterless. How can a person connect with their intuitive vision and goals while being constantly bombarded by thousands of outside messages?

Vision is essential to success. Yes, you can stumble on a great idea without knowing where you’re going, but in my experience mentoring thousands of people, it rarely happens that way. Successful people look ahead, imagine the future they want, then make it happen through a combination of passion, commitment and intuitive vision.

To conceive any vision you must first get quiet. Remove the clutter and turn down the volume. When you consciously eliminate pervasive noise, silence arouses your imagination. Make it a goal to eliminate clutter from your mind, your day and your life.

I started with my physical environment, which is the easiest to control. I successfully created an uncluttered house and an uncluttered office. Next I uncluttered my mental environment. While I rarely watch TV or listen to talk radio, and I don’t crave an hourly update on current events, I have my own clutter addiction to battle-movies. My addiction got so bad for a while that I found myself going to really bad movies, wondering later why I wasted that time and money. I still love going to good movies, but now I’m more selective.

I appreciate that these activities are some of the most common ways to relax. But you cannot wake up to clutter, be bombarded with it all day, go to bed with that same level of intrusion and still have the mental space to connect with your intuitive vision. Choose renewing ways to relax, such as strolling through a park, soaking in the tub or reading a great book.

As with most ambitious endeavors, eliminating all the clutter in your life can be overwhelming at first. The trick is to start small:

1. Clear your space.
Unclutter your physical environment at home and work. Take 10 minutes every day to file that stack of papers that’s been sitting on your credenza for months. Devote 15 minutes a day to cleaning out a closet or a room that’s only slightly less attractive than the city dump. Don’t tackle the whole attic. Start with one corner, then move on to another until it’s done.

2. Unclutter your mind.
Eliminate one outside stimulus, one TV show or one chatty phone call. Then eliminate another. Instead of reading three newspapers or magazines, read one. While driving, replace talk radio with inspirational CDs or music that stimulates ideas and opens a space for success. Meditate as you fall asleep or read something relaxing that brings you peace, not agitation.

Be equally selective about how you spend time with friends and family. You might not think of a relationship as clutter, but it can be. Are casual, unsatisfying relationships keeping you from your vision? Would fewer, more meaningful relationships be more helpful? Assess whether a relationship is one that you value. If not, eliminate it or, at minimum, reduce the exposure. Uncluttering is about making choices in all the areas of your mind, space and time.

3. Put off procrastination.
Procrastination leads to worry and anxiety, which is mind clutter. You’re anxious about the upcoming meeting because the report due is still rough at best. You worry about overdrafting your bank account because you’ve put off balancing your checkbook. Instead, just put off procrastination.

Eliminate one area of procrastination each week. Schedule it in your calendar, as you would any important appointment, and when that time arrives, do what needs to be done. Your mind will feel refreshingly alert and uncluttered.

Yet, procrastination is not always bad. I hear people say, “finish what you start” or “you had that idea, where did you go with it?” Every day I wake up with new ideas, but like you I have only 16 waking hours a day in which to do it all. Misplaced stubbornness, as in, “I started it, I have to finish it,” can exhaust you as you plow onward in the wrong direction. Selective-intuitive-procrastination allows the best ideas to rise to the top and keeps you focused.

In the emergency room all nurses learn the value and skill of triage. When several patients come in at once, nurses treat the sickest ones first. That’s triage. You can triage ideas. All ideas are not equal, so match your ideas to your intuitive vision to determine which to develop first.

Selective procrastination also eliminates unnecessary busyness. Imagine a low-priority task-perhaps starting a routine project or writing a letter. You procrastinate, and at the end of the day, or the week, that situation resolves itself. The project is canceled or the topic of the letter gets resolved with a two-minute phone call. Selective procrastination, or triage, combined with your intuitive vision can eliminate the clutter of unnecessary tasks.

Ditching clutter enables you to tune in your intuitive vision and connect with future success. In turn, your newly awakened senses arouse your passion. You not only see the future you want, you’re ready to implement the goals and strategies to make it happen.