Mind and Body, Really?

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One of the things missing from medicine, conventional Western medicine is the understanding of how important this connection is. Spirit, can be meditation, gratitude attitude, but Western medicine tends to focus on the physical symptom, but not look at what role the spiritual and mental state of the person is playing and how to provide holistic care to address the entire person.  That’s why I’ve decided that I need to move in that direction myself.  How will I do that? 

I will start by presenting two possible wellness plans to my doctor next week and see which one she feels is best to implement.  One thing I want to do is ease off pharmaceuticals for most of my health issues and move to natural products such as Bioflex, CoQ10, natural allergy remedy.  I also plan on joining a meditation and healing circle that meets regularly a block away from my house. Once I have detoxed my body from a number of the pharmaceuticals, I will go for massage therapy for a time, then add acupuncture perhaps then yoga, continuing with the meditation of course.  I realize that if I don’t get the spirit and soul in a really good place, the body can’t get their either, neither can my vocational path or my finances.  It’s all tied together, so I need to get a wellness plan neither will my finances.  I need to be in good shape on all fronts and that means taking responsibility for my life, my health, wellness heart, body, spirit, and soul.  It means creating a happy life, a joyful life, a healthy one, while still maintaining my relationship with my faith strong.  I know I can do it, just have to focus and do it. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

Check out my latest poem, holiday poem on SoundCloud.  https://soundcloud.com/kathy-appello/youandmefireside-mdbmastered-high?fbclid=IwAR3WipnrRb-flwmd8spoEqrehrov2E8n_j0-5FhJt_FcupQT8vJzchzhYb0

Life Lesson 38 and 39

45 life Lessons

People talk about a legacy, leaving a legacy for others, and they build monuments and think about the material aspect of a legacy, of fame and fortune aspect of a legacy or activism as their legacy, all of which have their merit when property motivated and stewarded etc..What do many of the scriptures and legends teach us about legacy and what matters? What would a lot of people tell you matters most at the end of their life? Some might think of the material, but many would say the most precious thing is the people they love and who loved them.  Love really is the greatest legacy we have.  We do have to be discerning in the love we share because love has to be shared in a way that is healthy for all, that empowers others, inspires others, creates a certain independence to want to explore their own talents, gifts, path and vocation, keeping in mind what the bible says about what love is.  Doesn’t mean no boundaries, no law, no. Love comes in many forms, even in the form of songs, poems shared, the love put into building homes for people so love can come in many ways.  To love and be loved is the greatest gift we have, the greatest legacy and should be wisely applied, discerned and understood. 

What legacy would we maybe not want to leave future generations? Envy is something I hope we would not leave current or future generations with.  Envy steals the soul of the ability to find one’s own path, one’s own joy, one’s own inner peace.  Envy says I am a scared child who has this empty hole in me and I think things will fill it, titles will fill it, so I envy. If you have kids or any young family members that are around you a lot, envy is a poison I would hope you would not want to pass on. Rather I would hope you would pass on much more attractive qualities. Not only for your sake but for everyone’s sake. 

Shalom and Amen

Everything You Do

Everything You Do

As a kid, even as a teen, you are not in a position of full discernment when it comes to decision making, but life is a journey one where discernment of decisions etc… comes from being able to step back and say “is this for my greater good and the greater good, is it respecting boundaries etc..?” Yes nurture, type of nurture, and all that plays a role in shaping you, but when does the scapegoating end?  When do we take responsibility for our life choices, stop blaming God, Parents etc.. At what point does one take ownership of one’s life, one’s decisions etc..?  Hopefully early on in life.  It’s easier to play the blame game, and it means you don’t ever have to grow up, make the hard choices or even accept the consequences of any choices you make when they go wrong, or if they were clearly the wrong choice.  It’s important that we be able to make the choice, with reflection, informed, with clarity and accept the results, consequences etc…Yeah, it’s not always fun being all grown up, but staying in wonderland forever is kind of a sad place to be.  I hope we all can come to that place where we honor wisdom, discernment etc.. and the fact that at a certain point in life whatever choices we make we own and the consequences as well. 

Shalom and Amen


Have You Reserved Your Spot?

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October is coming to a close and November is around the corner, so have you reserved your spot?  

Last week of November will be conducting live meditations weekly and then there is the webinar coming up also in November.  I look forward to making this incredible journey with you.  Please register.

What’s Cooking?



First thing that’s cooking is my continuing education, as I have signed up for a course to be certified as a Transformational Coach.  I really want to focus on group coaching and seminars, so I want to be sure I can provide the best possible coaching I can, so continuing education is part of that.  

What about the actual coaching, what about that?  I hope you will consider signing up for the upcoming webinar and the weekly meditation.  Coaching, especially spiritual and wellness coaching, intuition plays a big role, so the meditation each week will be intuitive according to what I receive, am guided to put together as I meditate/pray to discern what the group might need most that week.  I will be setting up meditation in Spanish as well so spread the word and I do hope to do webinars and seminars in both English and Spanish in 2019.  Once I can stop sounding like Minnie mouse with these allergies, I will be recording more material for the coaching youtube channel.  The programs for coaching I plan to offer will be long term online programs and some condensed or very targeted themed in person seminars during the year.  I do hope you will join me for the upcoming webinar and for the weekly meditation.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


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Life Lesson 24 and 25

45 life Lessons

When life throws us a curve ball, big or small, it hurts, it is frustrating, makes you wanna go “AHHHHHHH” and maybe if you are inclined to a victim mindset spiral into a full brown never ending cycle of kick yourself, why me etc… You could do that, could follow that pattern and we have all had those moments, but hopefully at some point you figure out that it’s not a healthy one long term, so how do you not stay in that pattern? You keep a journey maybe and you ask questions, like “Is there really no healthy alternative?  Is this going to really matter in five or ten years to my life, to those who truly love me?”  ask questions.  Let’s say the answer is “yes it will still impact me in five, ten, twenty years, well you still have choices.   How many people have made major detrimental life choices and then turned it all around, even became pastors who turn lives around and communities around?  Even when the answer to the questions is yes, doesn’t mean doom, doesn’t have to, this is why I love meditating and why I will be going to a buddhist center near me because I see how meditating alone benefits my clarity etc.., so even more so in group.  Does that mean I renounce my belief in Yeshua as my personal Rebbe, Massiach, and an important anchor in my life along with the Bible, no, but I will be looking and studying the Bible through the eyes of metaphysics and philosophy pretty much.  Whatever Fribromyalgia throws at me, there won’t be any screaming, any long term pity party or anything like that.  That’s my choice. 

Social media on the one hand is really a great tool for communicating and so much more, but on the other hand, everyone gets to openly throw eggs at ya, aim and shoot so to speak, so it also means you may find out exactly what people think of you, and it may not be what you expected, could be good or bad.  We can get so busy thinking about what others think of us, wanting their approval, that we don’t work on getting to where we are supposed to be, where we are truly meant to be, who we are truly meant to be.  We need to focus less on what others think and more on what legacy and impression we want to leave for future generations, for our children, grandchildren.  When I see the Left at these rallies with vulgar signs etc.. and their kids carrying those signs, I cringe.  Is that what legacy they are leaving their kids, is that who they truly are?  It really boggles my mind that they would do that to their children, teach that to their children.  They shouldn’t not do things because of what anyone will say, but whatever actions you take, your behavior, has consequences and leaves a legacy, so what will yours be?  What will mine be? Something to ponder.


Would I Try to Change Them?

I love you means

As I see it a relationship is a bout being as One, but also an individual, about acceptance, not saying accepting ill treatment, no.  Just referring to basic acceptance.  The men I have connected to in my life, count them on one hand, whether in the physical, emotional actual realm or through psychic bonding, I have thought about how I would change them, how I wanted them to be different,  There is only one person I have connected to, saw him a bit over week ago by chance, and as I meditated, listened to the 22 Chakra meditation this realization hit.  This is the one person I have no interest in changing, never occurred to me to want to change him if we were to ever come together.  I get the sense he is a bit of a perfectionist, so something that in my mom, in others irritates me, but with this person, I have this sense of I totally accept you, embrace you etc…  Not sure why the difference, and if we never cross paths, never go beyond the psychic link I wont ever likely know why, but whatever the reason, when this person pops into my head and any thought of a potential coming together springs to mind, the word Team comes to me, “As one, yet as individuals”.  I hope that is what life will bring me, this kind of union where I don’t have any sense i want to change who they are, what they might believe in, but rather be firm in who I am and still grow and learn in this life journey with them. 

Shalom and Amen

Ghosts Come in Different Forms

Transforms Her Dark Light

A few weeks ago I went to have some medical records and saw someone who there was from the first encounter this spark this natural flow of energy, and then every time we would see each other this natural banter.  I knew he was “it”, but it never went anywhere beyond bantering, smiles and joking. It was very sweet.  Last night my fibormyalgia pain because of the weather  was kicking up a storm, the pain was pretty intense in my legs and my hands, but in spite of the pain, a friendly ghost made their way through the scene, yup the memories of this connection, of our bantering, that sweet connection.  I focused on that and on God, on Yeshua how much he loved God, how he was willing to give up his life, even if you put aside the Messiah context, to do so because he wanted an end to the bureaucratic crap that was keeping the people from being close to God, close to forgiveness and healing.  Even if just on a metaphysical scale, it’s still something, that he was willing to lay down his life for his fellow man for their ability to have closeness with God, not be under the elitist bureaucracy that plagued religion.  Those two things, really helped me through the pain.  We often think that Ghosts have to be negative, but they can also be sweet, comforting, and for me remembering this connection, the sweet element of it is a positive ghost, a comforting one, even if it never went beyond the bantering, though it had lots of potential to go the distance.  Still, it’s a nice memory, and brings comfort, as does thinking of Rebbe Yeshua.

Shalom and Amen

Forgiving Self

yin and yang


This is something that I think will be a long journey for a lot of us, one that we make intellectually at first and for a long while, but emotionally, deep in the heart, in the spirit at the gut level, that takes longer.  One of the tings I will have to meditate on for myself is this very thing.

Shalom and Amen