Ignoring Guidelines, All Deleted!

ALL Comments Deleted

ALL Comments Deleted


Since people are commenting on links and ignoring what I have said over and over about only commenting on what I have posted and nothing else and only posting links related to the Performing and literary arts, as well as general spirituality, family friendly, all comments will be automatically deleted and thrown into the trash, not read, and not responded to.

I gave instructions but they are being ignored.  This site is strictly for the performing and literary arts, as well as general spirituality.  I have had porno links show up the comments, unacceptable!!  So, all comments will be deleted, not even read or responded to from now on.




Any links with comments that are of a sexual nature, escorts or such, that are not directly related to the visual performing, visual arts, and spirituality, and not in direct response to my posts, those links with those comments will be removed, not approved and not posted.

No Exceptions.







I have said this already, but it seems people are not paying attention so I will repeat the rules, guidelines:

Do Not Post the following:

  • Links that are not directly related to the arts and spirituality

  • Links that are not family friendly

  • Links that have any sexual or violent content to them

  • Comments directly related to my blog posts

Any comments not directly related to my blog posts, and feedback on that, as well as any links not directly related to the arts, to spirituality in general.  Any comments with links other than family friendly ones arts and spirituality related, will be deleted automatically.

Shalom and Amen




Regarding Links:

  • NO Links not related to the arts and spirituality are to be linked to this blog and not family oriented, child friendly, no nudity, no sexual images or such and be in line with general spirituality

Regarding Comments:

  • No Comments other than those directly related to these blog posts will be approved and posted on here.  All comments must be posted in English, or Spanish.

Shalom and Amen

Regarding Feedback-Please Read



I greatly appreciate the feedback given on my posts, my poetry and such.  I am going to ask that you only give feedback on my posts and blogs I re-blog and only those.  Anything else I will not approve and will delete.

Also, I will not post any comment that is attached to any links of a sexual nature whatsoever, or that have any photos that are in any way sexual or explicit, as I will not be of a negative vibration to any individual.  This is a pledge I have made to myself and Elohim.  If you have a website that is of a sexual nature in any way shape or form, do not include it in your comment for feedback, as I will not approve your comment!!!

Shalom and Amen