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Peaceful Retreat


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Seminar:  Fear, Moving Through It

Day:  April 4th, 2018

Time: Noon -1:00 pm ( we may run a few minutes over if necessary

Suggested Investment:  $10

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The seminar will discuss fear, types and roots of it, moving through it, techniques and this is just the first of a series of monthly seminars I plan to give.


Can’t Make You Whole

Can't Make Homes of Humans.jpg

We often seek others to make us whole, to make us feel whole, but that is not another person’s job, no human can really make you whole, or healed.  Another can be a catalyst, a prompt for that journey, but they can not heal you.  Only we can heal us through accepting what is, was, needs changing and all that.  If we keep pushing someone to be the magic cure for us to be whole etc… eventually we will crush them under that weight.  We need to figure out how to be whole within our own journey in life, not look to another to be a magic formula to make us whole or anything like that.  An authentic, cultivated spiritual life can be of great help along the journey, so I love listening for example to this youtube channel and others like this to connect to the spiritutal in life.  I hope that we all come to wholeness within ourselves as Sons and Daughters of the Most High, The Creator of this amazing universe.


What I Miss, Reclaiming It.



Today I took a lovely long walk, something that many would take for granted.  For those with chronic health issues, syndromes it’s something that matters.  When a syndrome leaves you so exhausted, has you in pain on an ongoing basis etc…that you go stretches of time crashing in bed and not being able to even enjoy a walk, sitting outside in your favorite spot, having your ipod and listening to great music and meditation material.  The best nutshell way to describe it is this:  a complete physical, mental, emotional, spiritual assault on your body.  This is one of the things I miss, that Fibromyalgia since it has flared up with a vengeance.  I am hoping to reclaim that and a few other things.  One of the things that  makes those of us fighting chronic health issues and syndromes is when people say stuff like “but you look good”  “maybe if you got out more”  “you just need to push yourself more”  People may mean well, but for us, these sound like what is being said is “you’re faking, lying” and “you’re just lazy, or exaggerating”  My thought when anyone gives the kind of advice or nuggets of wisdom mentioned here is “no you S.O.B. I am not fine, not OK, not lazy, what the hell do you know about it?”  I just want to smack the person and sometimes just want to cry from the frustration.  

What might cause a flare up of Fibromyalgia or these types of syndromes:

Common Fibro Flare Ups

What can you do if your dealing with chronic health issues such as pain, such as fibromyalgia?  Consult your doctor before try anything to alleviate any symptoms etc..  Here are some suggestions, starting with foods.  Try to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods such as:  flaxseed, green tea, avocado, cantaloupe, walnuts, pineapple, berries, garlic, broccoli.  Aromatherapy with certain oils as you meditate, even  in your bath, such as:Balsam Fir, Bergamot, Roman Camomile, Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage.  As far as exercise, you have to be careful when you have syndromes such as fibromyalgia.  I for example am so hypersensitive I can not do any physical therapy, have any massage other than hot stone massage, do tai chi, walk.  You need to consult your doctors about what type of exercise you can handle, is recommended for you.  If you are crashing a lot, lots of fatigue, you can do some basic very light stretches at home, put on some music that is upbeat and some light dance moves, nothing strenuous, just to get the circulation moving.  For me what also helps is spirituality and meditation, it’s a great anchor in the midst of the chaos that is fibromyalgia.   I hope this helps, and that if you encounter anyone or have anyone with a chronic health issue or syndrome in your life this will help you understand, just a little bit better.  On a final not I leave you with this, the stages of fibromyalgia, but this can apply to any syndrome or chronic health issue situation.

Fibromyalgia Stages.jpg

Oy and Oy!!

Good Stress, Bad Stress

Good Stress Bad Stress.jpg

I wanted to share something practical with you because we all have stressors in our lives and some stress is good, some stress is bad stress.  I hope this helps you to figure out which stress your life is running on. It also gives some tips for dealing with stress.  I will also be posting a meditation for stress reduction in the next few days or so along with know yourself part 3.

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12 Months To a Healthier You

12 Months Better You.jpg

We all want to be healthier and as one who deals with the ugghhh of fibromyalgia that is always a goal, and as I type this my arthritis is yelping in my hands, not fun.  Hey, I am here, I am present and I am doing what I love so, woooo hooooo!!! La Vita E Bella! I came across this chart and I thought it was a great chart to work with, and I hope it inspires, helps.

What Fear Means

Fear Meanings

As I look at this I see two societies in our culture of oday, the first meaning with today’s youth and millennials in a number of ways, coddled by schools, parents, society, given the role of victim, taught to be victims, where everything is trauma, offence etc…  Campuses places where only one point of view can be presented and debated or “therapy rooms” are needed, where comedians fear to go, anyone who is not ALT Left fears to go.  I see a secular and even faith segment of the world that loves to victimize everyone, and clamors social justice at every turn, to the point of endangering souls for eternity, not at all preparing anyone for life, for living or dealing with life.  Then there is the second meaning, in that one I see a segment of society that is fierce in their seeking to face problems head on, no running, no victim status, understanding we all fall short of the glory of God, are not perfect, we error, but determined to move through and past all fears, obstacles constructively, in constructive, mature ways that honor boundaries, even moral boundaries, even if at times they stumble and fall.  They will speak truth, will engage in debate, even fierce debate, are not afraid of it.  They are aware that life is not fair, so what, you don’t run into a corner and boo hoo poor me every time. 

Fear is perfectly normal in life, different levels of it, but it’s how interact with it, manage it, whether you let it control you, or faith, reasoning, constructive action control you,   That’s what matters and that’s not to say you don’t have or show pain, but you don’t let the pain become who you are, don’t see victimhood, yours at every corner, live it constantly, making your life and society’s chaos.  That is definition number one of fear and frankly dumb as dumbells.  Decide which definition are you, are you going to be and how are you going to make changes to be that definition, hopefully the second one.  If you have to give something up and move on from some stuff, well don’t wallow and whine a million years about it, do it, be constructive, be empathetic all that, but do it, don’t wallow, pout, make everyone miserable, create misery, chaos all around you forever and ever.


Morning Affirmation

morning affirmation

How we begin our day, the thoughts we begin the with for our lives and our own self matter.  Thoughts are alive and have the power to make break the day, so how we begin and end the day, thought wise is important.  This affirmation I liked when I came across it and wanted to share it with you.  May it bring great blessing to you and your day.


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12 Months of Wellness

12 Months of Wellness Tips.jpg

I was aiming the month of January for more focused independent study on the Christian faith.   I realize that with the fibromyalgia and what has been happening I need to really get my well being in order, priority.  Not to say I can’t also study, but I think a good way to learn Christian truth are the old Christian hymns, hymns where you get the full truth about sin, mercy etc…Maybe since music is one of my favorite things, the way for me to study the faith is through music.  Meantime, more water is something I know need to do, even my doc has pointed out I don’t drink enough water.  What if like me due to post sinus drip water tastes like metal?  I add just a touch of Mango juice or Ice water, just a touch of something to give it flavor, so I can drink it. I will make it a habit of drinking more water, at least 18 ounces a day, but not overkill as that is also not good, so maximum, 36 ounces.