Catholic Must Always Remain Catholic


When I hear of compromise, of reform in regards to the Catholic faith, I get a bit antsy.  I know some would find it quite amusing since I have never been religious, spiritual, philosophical about my Catholicism, not very religious about it.  

Due to the fibromyaltia, I have often watched Mass on TV, as I was crashing and not feeling very well, or went to the nearest church to home, and it has been a long and winding road to make my way back home to the Catholic church.   When I felt a call to minister I even went to a “Catholic” church that ordained women, did not really follow Church teachings because I thought call to ministry had to mean priesthood, which now I understand is not the case.  I am now back home and I am realizing the gift that Magisterium and the teachings of the Magisterium are to us, if we are truly willing to learn, to understand and seek to apply those teachings to life.  I hear people say that the Catholic Church should be run more like other denominations, should do things like other faith groups, like the Jews and Protestants do it.  As my we used to say to kids “If so and so jumped off a bridge would you do it to?” I would hope the answer would be no.  I recently posted articles that showed that the churches that are growing are actually the conservative ones, not the liberal ones.  

Let’s look at what makes Roman Catholic distinctly RC, let’s start there.  There five things in particular, core things: Papal Authority, The Eucharist and Transubstantiation, The Immaculate Conception, Purgatory (similar concept exists in Judaism, similar not exactly, similar) and of course there is also and I am adding the Priesthood with all attention given to the Church, marriage to the Church.  These are cornerstones of the faith, the industrial strength glue of the Church, very fabric of it.  These are all interwoven into the foundations of the Church, so what happens if you start pulling at the threads?  If you start pulling at the thread, any thread of a sweater, of anything, it unravels.  We already see how society with all its’ liberalism has unraveled, as it has moved to socialism, marxism, global identity etc.., no national identity, no pride in one’s nation, one’s cultural identity, or pride in a way that is destructive not constructive, a world where borders are being erased, so is law and order, where boundaries in all things are being thrown away.   The Roman Catholic Church with a beautiful uniqueness called the Magisterium that gives us a body of wisdom, when it stays true to conservative biblical principles, is the greatest gift we have for all the world.  

What should the Church do?  Not worry about size, God will determine the size it wants it to be.  It should seek to be strong as a beacon of Conservative values across the board, including politically, stand with a strong Capitalist Democratic Federalist Republic Model and Concept as well as a strong Constitutional form of government model for all nations, as well as strong national sovereignty and borders be honored.  It should stand strong with traditional marriage and pro-life, all of that.  It should show great support for the arts as a way to teach the faith, the conservative values of the faith and these forms of governance as the ideal model.  It should retain the character that makes it always uniquely Catholic, never bow down to the cultural landscape of the moment, but rather influence for God and Country.  Does the church need to reform to have more accountability for the clergy and have greater involvement of the laity? Yes, but the core of what makes us Roman Catholic must never change, and the RC Church must be a shinning light of Conservative values and it must not become a liberal institution, nor must it become a socialist marxist institution, nor a “sanctuary city” break federal law because we are a church so we can institution.  It must be a Church and have empathy, yes, but it must not participate in violating state sovereignty rights of a state to enforce its’ borders and border laws.  It must find a perfect balance between empathy and not violating state sovereignty, between living in the world, but not being of it, being a Conservative institution loyal to Biblical Truth and teaching it, no matter how painful it is for us to hear, with empathy, also understanding that nothing is ever hopefully where there is Christ in the heart.

Whatever happens in society, may the Roman Catholic Church always remain unique and uniquely Roman Catholic.