Caught Myself

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Then I Caught Myself

Then I Caught Myself

I was feeling the sting of your not connecting the way that I do,

Of not reaching the way that I do, loving boldly the way that I do,

Not on the physical plane, even if you do on the metaphysical.

I was thinking of how I do all the reaching out and the sharing,

Then I caught caught myself as I remember a few things.

I was hurt that you weren’t sharing your pain, some important things,

Things that were going on in your life, that I’d made a metaphysical connection to,

That I was sure you knew, would mean a lot for me to share with you,

Be there for you, in it with you,

But then I remembered some thing I am going through,

That I haven’t shared not to burden you and because I am still not sure,

If I am going stay or walk away.

Then I caught myself as I remember a few things.


Born in New Jersey, August 1965, this Italian-American has always had a great interest in music, particularly the Oldies, Country and Ethnic music, including Irish. For over 10 years Ms. Appello passionately taught ESL to students of varying ages. Grounded if her faith and spirituality, Katherine endured a range of issues, including a great deal of pain, which was finally diagnosed to be associated with Fibromyalgia. The essence and the power of music, of words, allow Katherine to overcome these struggles each and every time. We are all blessed to have Katherine’s strength, wisdom, and words to write “Pray For Me Tonight’