Certainty of A Soulmate

Inspiration Peace and Love


I have thought about this and asked myself the question how do I know they are my soulmate?  I kind of knew from the moment we connected, which was the first time we met.  There was something that transcended the sexual, and that is a key sign.  

I am not saying there is not a magnetism, an attraction, there is.  However, it goes beyond that.  There was an immediate caring about them, appreciation of their gifts, talents, knowing the kind of person of integrity they were, and appreciating the connection mutually made.  It was something very beautiful and special artist to artist and person to person connection.  It also gave me wings to really be inspired to pursue my dreams, my path and also for me to want to encourage them to come out of their box of doing what they had been doing for years and really start to do their own thing, really explore what they had on paper, but had not implemented.  That means a lot to me, that I am inspired by this connection to fly, to soar, pursue my creative goals, and that I want to do the same for them.  I also feel so secure in the connection that I don’t feel I have to compete with any other women around them for attention or anything.  I feel that at the perfect time, we will be fully coming together and it is going to be such an amazing union on so many levels that there will never be competition, that our bond will be one of loyalty through and through.  I am certain we will be encouraging each other and our mutual talents, gifts and such always, be a good solid team.  That’s a beautiful thing because though there is magnetism,  electricity, all of that, there is also peace and serenity in this bond, connection, a truly beautiful thing.  I look forward to being part of this team,  in profound friendship, creatively and wherever else the tide might move it.  I am open of heart, spirit and soul, hope they are as well, once they have tied up all they need to, to feel safe to come forward and team up.

In terms of worldview, there is parallel and though I have embraced Judaism because it is logical in its’ theology, holistically I believe we have an aligned worldview, a conservative one.  That parallel is an important factor for me, and I am sure we will be doing lots of intellectual exploration, which will be fun.  I look forward to sharing synagogue events and more with them.  I look forward to welcoming this friendship, creative collaboration etc…very soon I hope in full into my life.  

Namste, Shalom and Amen