Chasing One’s Tail, Ay!


I have seen someone I feel a deep connection to grow in certain ways and I love it, really makes me happy, even if they are not yet a part of my day to day life due to stuff they are sorting out.  

However on some levels, ay!! They have closed a chapter of their life, which required closing, which was no longer functioning, was likely making them ill and that is a good thing.  There is residual they have to deal with emotionally etc.. from that, and if they could reach out to me and accept the support, healing I could facilitate, it might be shed a lot faster, but it is up to them whether they are too proud to do so, too old school or whatever.   Emotionally I will keep doing what I have been doing on the prayer and spiritual plane and whatever tough love I have to on this plane to help them in that healing process because I care, I value them.  

That is why I also get frustrated because as an artist I see so much potential for them to shine, and I as an intuitive I can sense so much they have to offer, ideas they have just sitting around waiting to be realized, to come to fruition.  With the right person/s, WOW.  However, and there is no diplomatic way to put this, they are chasing their tail, running around in circles.  You can’t keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results, and that is why I get so frustrated with this person whom I have connected with as an intuitive, an artist with etc…  I see them in their comfy box, always in the same box, the same circles, same people, and so they have put a cieling on top of them and a wall around them, which keeps them in a comfy bubble of what they are familiar with.  Problem is they have so much potential that by staying in that bubble, all they are doing is chasing their tail.  I would love to see them be ble to shed all that emotional baggage, to help them shed it and then to see them break out of that comfort ceiling and wall, zone and help them with doing all those projects they have in mind, be there for them, work with them to help them realize it all, bring it all to life.  I would still work on all my projects of course, but it would be so awesome to help him heal all that risdual crap from all the has gone through and is going through and to help him break out of that ceiling and wall.  I really am praying he can overcome the old school macho do it all myself mentality and let me in to help him heal all the residual junk from all the is going through and has gone through, and really put forward all this amazing ideas, those notepads full of ideas.  It will be a joy.   I really do hate to see him chasing his tail, or anyone for that matter.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen