Chicago Rally Red Flag

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Sadness, but we must not be silent.

 In a Democratic Republic Freedom of Speech and Assembly are sacred rights, as is a clear political process.

However, as this rally showed us and this election cycle has shown us, people seem to forget what that entails, especially when one is running for office, the influence that words have. Also you have NFP groups, so called activist groups that go in and disrupt peaceful political rallies and events or symposiums and such. This is not activism, especially when that activism turns into violence, into the activist shouting down the person speaking, or shuts the event down before it even starts. I may not agree with a groups view, even loathe it, but that groups rep has the right to speak, and then my group has the right to also speak and counter that with facts to debunk any lies told by that group. That is how it must work for a true democratic republic, ideally, but it does not.

It would seem it does not in part because when you have people like Trump saying he will pay the legal fees of his followers if they brawl, in essence, mocking the press, assaulting the press, making other candidates feel that they have to go to the level of gutter to even be heard to be in the race, to get any traction, this is what you end up with. When you have someone who throws out stuff without any meat and potatoes and does so in a way that is larger than life personality, they get away with it, only they do so in a way that can seriously damage the process of civility because you can be a tough SOB and still be civil. Had I been running in the race and been of the last standing I would have been such a Biatch, but with a smile, but demanding “where is the beef?” We have the skeleton, and like Obama you make this general promise of “great”, well how, come on big boy tell us how, such a big shot, so successful, tell it like it is, tell us how big boy? I would have said it sweet and with a smile. There are ways to kick tukkus and put chinks in the armor of the opponent, but violence, not necesarily always the right or best way, even verbally.

If you are going to lead a nation, you need to be very aware of the weight your words carry, the influence they have and Trumps lame response that it was about economic anger and his refusal to take responsibility for his words and how they influence is a red flag.