Choice or “Destiny”?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Sometimes we as intuitive have very interesting impressions come to us in prayer and meditation and when you find yourself feeling that there are potentially two roads, two choices coming up in front of you, one that is a choice your heart has made, the other something that is “destiny” what do you do?  

The mind is a powerful thing and we often hear the phrase mind over matter, so one can decide to choose choice, or choose destiny.  You can make that choice, put that energy thought out into the universe firmly not waiver and accept the roll of the dice whatever that turns out to be like in the end.  You way the pros and cons of each, and then figure out which has the greater potential on as many levels as possible, kind of like coaching yourself as if you were doing a life and relationship or career coaching thing on a client, but with yourself.  That has its’ drawbacks as you will always wonder and have the what if you had made the other choice, with that always in the back of your mind.  That may not be the perfect solution for an intuitive who feels there will be two options that you will be having potentially come up in your life in a particular area.  The third option, which is the one I like myself is this one.   Meditate, pray that your levels of consciousness, all levels, and heart align, be a magnet for the one who has the greatest potential, alignment for you to build an amazing life long union, work collaborations etc… based on true solid friendship, common ground and other key factors that you two be a positive magnet for each other and come together in perfect timing.  That way, the person or situation that does come forward is the one for you, or the one that you are truly drawn to, to where it is unbearable to be without them and you really see so much potential them, that situation more so than any other, that is the one you go to, make all necessary moves etc… to make it happen pronto, that coming together.  

I have decided that the best thing for any situation in my life is meditate in this manner, pray in this manner, that the person or situations, gigs that have the greatest potential every which way to Sunday as they say.  I am in faith that what does come into my life is for greatest potential of bliss heart, spirit and soul, both in my personal and vocational life.  In my personal life, whether it is choice, charming artistic or destiny oy, it will be the one with the greatest potential for bliss on every level, where we can inspire each other every day to create, to live outside the box etc… and be totally loyal and faithful in every way.  In my artistic and coaching vocation, I also am meditating and praying on attracting what has the greatest potential for financial prosperity immediate and long term, as well as great synergy and compliment in working relationship.   This is my chosen path for how to live out my spirituality and choice process, each of us has to find their own of course.  May you find yours, Blessed Be.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen