Choosing To Remember The Good

Some will always hold a special place in one’s heart.  It was not wrong love, but lousy timing.


As I listen to this song I recall a relationship that was a real emotional roller coaster, with neither of us ready for the relationship, or to deal with it, the intensity of it, especially me.  I have to be honest, I don’t feel it was a wrong love.

It was a catalyst to my personal growth as a person and in a number of ways.  If we had met at a different time, when I was in a better place emotionally, spiritually etc…, had a clear sense of myself and my path, as is the case now, it probably would have worked out differently.  Yes, we might have a somewhat different views on certain issues, but that could have been worked out.  They will always have a special place in my heart, always and I truly wish them joy, happiness and as the song says above all I wish them love, true lasting, set your world on fire forever love.  I wish that for them with all my heart.  I could recall the down side of the roller coaster, but I recognize that I was not ready for it, and so I hold no grudge, only retaining positive thoughts, memories.  I realize that I should have really worked  more on building a healthy friendship before getting intimate, not just jumping into physical intimacy head on.  The connection was intense, and we just went with it.  I realize that we should have given us time to build a spiritual and cultural basis of sharing more than anything else before jumping into intimacy.  We should have gotten to know each other’s world a bit more in depth.  A lot that should have been done differently, and I should have had my issues about my childhood and parents worked out.  He had his own baggage that needed working out, but then again we all do in some way.  The problem is when you carry that baggage into another situation, into a relationship.  I realize that any relationship I enter into, all my previous baggage has to be taken care of, at least a good portion of it.  

I will never forget this connection that turned my life upside down, gave me lots of songs and poems, was a catalyst for my growth.  I will cherish what it taught me and continues to teach me though they are no longer in my life.  It is a beautiful thing to be able to let go of the crap and remember the good times, and lessons learned, also keep them in your prayers and meditation for healing and transformation.  I will always pray for and meditate for those I have a established a deep connection with in life, and pray for their ability to fly, to get wings to fly and set themselves free from anything that limits their potential, their true path in life and their having a life of joy and great things heart, spirit and soul.  I hope that though they are no longer in my life, they to can also keep good memories of me, that it inspires them in some way. May they find true bliss on many levels.