Christ and The Uplifting of Society

Christ Consciousness

In this modern society, we are facing one of biggest crisis of faith and understanding. We are seeing family values being violated and old religions being made fun of. Yet there is a way to evolve our society above all of this. In this article I will explain that, “One Way.”

I like to listen to various programs, even on youtube and also discuss different themes and issues with others. There is a deep concern shared about society. For those of the Christian faith, there, those of deep faith, there is the assurance that Christ enlightened us, also through his sacrifice saved us from damnation. There is also discussion about poor doomed souls of those of atheist faith, where they stand on society. We have tables because we identify by those labels, natural as humans. Can those labels become a double edged sword?

We see crisis everywhere. Suddenly in this age, we are seeing a marked increase in both extremism in religion and atheism. The extremists have concluded that only one way goes to salvation. With this ideal, they have built more barriers to approaching spiritual religions than ever before. The atheists claim that this universe came into being by its own self. There is no God just like there is no life after death. Considering this, I understand that others have the free will to choose what to believe. We do have to recognize that when people did engage in actions that were not good, holy, Christ made that known, but he also showed forgiveness, he did both.  However, we are seeing lack of empathy, spiritual crisis and many other problems, you just name it. It seems we have a bit of a difficult time with that, with forgiveness.  The people have started to hate each other due to difference of opinions and beliefs. We then see another class, not caring about religion or much about any faith, going on with their lives in their professions. Somehow within their life, they must have felt that gap, about which they tricked themselves into thinking that they have filled it with goals and wealth.

All of this has a positive face too. We are seeing people awakening and searching through things, breaking dogmatism. It is this time when the universal concept of Christ is needed most. In my previous articles I explained it very well that Christ Consciousness is not something related to Christians totally. In fact it is more like enlightenment. It is to realize that Jesus came not for not for one faction, rather for all of humans. When we tune into that love delivered in purest form, we then realize that all humans are connected. What harbors differences can now be replaced with love and understanding. In this time, I believe understanding is one of most critical issues. We often see understanding problems especially within teenagers. By accepting the love of Jesus, we get the sensation that God loves us. He hears us. We never feel alone and misunderstood. We realize by tuning into his love that humans are different which means they will have different opinions. Christ Consciousness teaches us to respect that others have differences. It teaches us to have open mind. We start respecting life and find that it has deeper meaning. The whole society transforms. People are no longer as religious; they are still spiritual beings looking to religion to guide them. It is this way, Christ Consciousness harbors a way for positive development of whole society.