Christ Consciousness through You

Christ Consciousness

Being religious is sometimes different than being spiritual. Some of you might disagree, but trust me; it is a different road sometimes. What we are meant to do is to balance each. Being too spiritual might make us self-centered. It isolates us from real world. Religion on the other hand makes us a proper human and allows us to use the spiritual teachings in pragmatic way. None is better without other. However, as has been the case of centuries, the religion has been used by higher authorities as tool to manipulate. Hence we receive so much hate on religious topics by some of modern age spiritualists…

Enough with the above, as the topic suggests, I would like to hand you a fundamental truth in this set of sentences which comes straight from my heart. Religion as I mentioned has been used to seek source of help outside self multiple times. I have seen people with a lot of hardships coming to priests for their prayers and begging them to save them from punishment of God. Someone should tell them that the hardships are blessings in disguise.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the job of few priests who try to affirm such people that God is not punishing them rather testing them. I love the idea of asking someone else to pray for you. But tell me one thing… God forbid you go through a hardship somewhere where you are all alone, with no church or priest… what will you do then?

It is time to realize the fundamental truth that great Master, the Anointed one, Messiah, Son of God, Jesus taught us in his life and after. The real divine is within you. Seeking God outside your own self will drag you in for multiple disappointments. It is when we realize that God is within us, and then we start to change. Jesus was Lord’s son as believed by Christian faith. He channeled God through himself. What if I told you that the notion that Jesus was only son was wrong…God is consciousness. He is everywhere. Therefore He is within you too. And as Master Jesus taught, you too possess the God-like capabilities within you.

Christ Consciousness is the stage of enlightenment, wisdom . It is merging with God and realizing that the Divine God is not in outside sources. God exists within us. God can be accessed by self-realization. Such is the beauty of Christ Consciousness. To become closer and merge with God, you have to realize your own power and control. Stating as such, it is no surprise that Christ Consciousness is a personal and self-sought experience which is obtained after filling your heart with desire of love of Jesus and Lord. The divine state of Christ Consciousness works through you. That being said, you need to figure out how to awaken such state for self-empowerment to collaboration with the heavenly hosts and thus to be able to actively and pro-actively work with the Lord for the greater good of your life and life in general.. Meditate on Jesus. Dedicate yourself to prayer to Lord daily. It is then your heart will start opening to realization of Loving God who is always with you, watching over you, looking after you.