Christmas Prayers, My Prayers


A most beautiful song that I wanted to share with all of you.  This Christmas, as in Christmas past, there are some people missing and yet I know they are watching over us.  

I also know that this season is one where I can reconcile with God unlike any other season and I can find the light within that will propel me to fulfill every dream, to be what God has put me here to be in full, an artist sharing my works with the world. I have one or two other wishes for the season, including certain connections to come fully into my life, make a full connection and a great journey to begin.  I hope and pray that I can receive the gifts I am asking for, that I can be faithful to him who created me and all things in this world, to his precepts as best possible.  May I be able to bring about inspiration and all things good, strong in my conservative core self.