Churches Become Bad Seed? Huh?

Confused Face

The faith entities, Judeo Christian faith entities were to be, are to be the guardians of scriptural truth, of moral truth, moral boundaries as put forth by the scriptures that are meant to define those faith communities.  Problem is this notion of so called evolvement.  The churches are now participating in abominations such as Vagina Monologues, which degrades men, degrades the male-female relationships, the natural order created by God, nature, and celebrates rape, and unnatural in scripture relationships.  Recently, it was relayed that the Pope said the RCC is not there to make moral pronouncements, well if not then what the hell is it there for? Is it there for harboring illegals, what?  If the faith community is not there to make family, nuclear family as put forth in scripture strong, and honor the scriptures that are meant to be it’s foundations, then what is it there for?  If it is not there to save the soul above all things, then what is it there for?  In abdicating their role as gatekeeper of the moral, ethical lines, they have been accomplices in the degradation of family, of society of all things.   It’s not for the government to create society, or shape society, and families can only do so with guidance and support, firm unwavering guidelines that says right is right and what isn’t, isn’t.  It is the job of the faith community to say these are the moral ethical lines and you don’t get a free pass to cross them, not from us, not from God.  If you want to turn back, turn it around, you have forgiveness waiting.  Unless we start restructuring the faith community, getting back to basics, orthodoxy, get the church to handle a lot of what it used to handle, not government and get it out of the social justice business, society will continue a downward spiral, no if, and or but about it.  We need to get back to basics and to orthodoxy, letting people know there are boundaries, and there is a love so great that it encompasses all and surpasses all, even the greatest pain life might bring.  We must teach all generations that there are choices and consequences to those choices here and after long after, not in a teror inspiring way, but in a logical action and consequence way.  Unless we do that and unless we stop creating a bunch of namby pamby snowflakes we will as a society globally self destruct.