Clearing Away The Negative Energy


Life can throw negative energy and frequencies at us in so many way.  We turn on the TV and we are bombarded with negative images.  Songs and lyrics can also be rather negative about life and everything.  Then you have people that you may come into contact with that are whining all the time,  or angry about life etc…, and we are in a sense sponges, we pick up those frequencies etc..  For those of us that are empaths and have an open Psychic Consciousness channel, even more so.  We are very sensitive to the energies etc.. around us.  That is a double edge sword.  On the one hand you get insight, but you also are bombarded with stuff, people’s stuff, energy etc.. and that can take a toll on you.

I hope that this will help you on a daily basis at the end of your day to clear out any negative energy etc.. and have a restful evening and sleep.