Climb a Hill Instead

Last night was another bad night for me, pain, nausea, was not a good night.  I thought about all that I would like to do in life, but seems like there is one big mountain after another to climb because of the fibromyalgia and all the junk that comes with it.  I would love to do seminars all over the U.S., abroad, but that’s a mountain to climb.  Rather than get upset at the mountains I can’t climb, why not find the hills I can climb?  For example recording meditations and mini seminars, virtual teaching, coaching are hills I can climb, and with today’s technology I can reach people across the U.S. and the world.  Could be that some day I do climb those mountains, but until then I have to be happy with the hills and love myself enough to be the best hill climber I can be.  Maybe you have big mountains you want to climb but can’t do large scale mountain climbing, meaphorically speaking, so find hills you can climb each week maybe to find yourself on top of a mountain.  Life is full of possibilities as long as we don’t get into a victim or poor me, why me mindset, or allow anyone else to get us into that either.  Climb hills to get to the mountains or directly the mountains, it’s all good, embrace it.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen