Closure or Moving On?

We often think that if only we could see someone one last time, say certain things, air certain grievances etc.., If only…..we could let go, could move forward and leave what no longer makes us happy, truly happy, what no longer inspires us, whatever is toxic to us behind.  Truth is, there is no one last time to close things out, not really.  There is always something left unsaid, or something we wish we had said differently.  What we truly need whether it’s to move out of a rotten marriage, lousy friendship, horrible job situation with a lousy boss etc.. is to give ourselves permission to let go, to move on, move forward.  That is what I am finding hard to do I guess, give myself permission to move on because when someone has permanent residence in your heart, hard to just let go, move on.  However, sometimes for your own well being and possibility for happiness you have to, even if it does bring a dose, even a small one of sadness.