Coaching Myself, Quite a Journey

Northern Lights

Coaching myself is quite a journey, such as understanding my warrior soul, that’s a part of nature, this standing strong for what I believe in.  I have to realize that it’s important to know what battles to fight and why I am fighting them.  If I don’t know why Conservative values matter for example then I’m a warrior just for the sake of it.   I need to be clear why they matter to me and for society. 

Then there is health and wellness, all of that.  I have fibromyalgia, so when allergies hit, they totally unbalance my system, so I will be unable to sleep and then crash all day, and then there are food sensitivity issue and other stuff.  I have to make changes and I was offered the opportunity to get one of those all in one Humana Plans that includes nutritional counseling, gym membership, naturalistic treatments covered.  I love the doctors I have, but I need to change some things.  I decided as soon as I get the new insurance card I am going to go start going to the gym, do some light stuff on the treadmill, work on a full wellness plan.  I can be frustrated, the allergies totally constantly wipe me out etc.., or I can be proactive.  Life has roses with thorns, but you don’t have to be defined by the thorns.  It’s up to me if I grab hold of the rose or the part with the thorns.  I am not saying that a wellness plan implemented will magically make the fibromyalgia go away, but it will shift something and sometimes a small shift or a series of small shifts heart, body, spirit, soul, whether in one or all of these areas will shift life.  I am ready to do what I need to do for me to have a Lifestyle of Wellness in every way.

Shalom and Amen