Collapse and Rebirth?

crumble is birth

Today I had to go for a bone density test and MRI of both knees, and it took two yours total, and the MRI of my knees not comfy as I have lower back issues to having to be there on my back and not move for an hour was very uncomfy.   How was I not ready to jump out of my skin?  Well, I asked for music, classical light music, so I allowed my conscious mind to set itself aside and make way for my subconscious mind.  

Fibromyalgia, let’s face is is not a fun journey by any means, but I had two choices lay there and be miserable, or go into a meditative state and see if I gained any insight and once again that project for the wellness wheel came rushing through and last night I received a call from and old friend who is a very experienced hypnotherapist and wants to collaborate.  I have been praying, meditating for God to unite me with people of integrity and ethics to collaborate with.  Last night I get the call.  Today as I was getting the MRI, I decided, breathe, relax, meditate, release, let go, and drift into a place of discernment, connect with the Holy Spirit and that is what I did and the time flew by.  The other instinct I have is that any political activism or campaigning candidates and their surrogates do in the GOP must be tied to The Trump MAGA Platform of Conservatism.  This nation can not go the other way, the way of thinking free stuff because nothing is free, even Venezuela’s government has now admitted Socialism is a failure.  I can be scared for my country, and do nothing or be a voice that speaks up, even if it’s not popular, doesn’t matter.  I can seek a group that understands this as I do and that the National Platform of MAGA must be tied into any advocacy etc.. done locally for Conservatism, who understand that Republican is not good enough, to save America Freedom Caucus, MAGA Republican is what’s needed, looks for and backs those candidates, fights for those candidates.  I could let the fibromyalgia make me obsolete, a nebulous presence in the universe, or a start that rises out of the ashes to fight hard for God and Country, that is up to me, that choice is mine to make and I choose option number two.  All in all it was a productive morning, even if a bit uncomfortable.