Come Close, Let’s Sit Awhile

Come Close

This is the essence of a parent, especially for a young child and this is also, in essence, the way God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit hope we can achieve a relationship with them, this kind of union.  I have to admit it’s not an easy journey always and we may slip in and out of this relationship because when Satan throws some tough temptations and we fall, consequences come, or God has to allow us to fall to learn a hard lesson we may like we would with our early parents be pissed royally and blame, turn our backs, want to walk away etc… I have been there with God and will have those moments again probably rarely, but might have one or two more of those.  What I love about The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit is the following. 

Yahweh, the Father in this season of Advent reminds me that He foresaw that Satan might get to our “weaknesses” and our will might bend to those temptations, so He made a plan to set me, set us free.  He made a plan to be able to understand the human struggle and experiences much better from a human perspective to judge in a way that was truly human and divine in understanding. That’s a truly precious gift and he did that in Christ. Since he knows my virtues and “flaws” he isn’t all that surprised when I go all stupid in life, even if disappointed.  Once I realize and am ready to swallow my pride and admit I was stupid etc.., Jesus is there, my friend my confidant, my confessor, the one who understands, even while being divine, the human experience very well, can relate to it, so I can tell Him anything, share anything, confess my struggles and then He can send the Counselor, the one who can help me overcome the struggles etc.. work through them.  It’s actually very efficient, very smart system.  One God, three manifestations of God working as a team for our benefit.  I have come to learn and understand this and that if I can clarify my divine purpose on earth, my gifts, talents etc.. given to me by the heavens and my purpose for them, then no matter what life throws at me, I can find a way to fulfill the purpose, move through the storms.  That is what this poem reminded me of, made me think of.  I thought I would share this with you this beautiful season of Advent. 

Shalom and Amen