Come Close Little One

As kids are going up, security is important and not just financial, which don’t get me wrong is an aspect of it, but is just a piece of the puzzle.  Security also means being validated for your gifts, talents, potential, being heard, concerns being heard, not to say the kids decide major decisions for the family, no, you are the adults you make the decisions.  However, kids, teens need to know that they are valued, that they are being heard, that what they have to say matters, even if you have to let them know you disagree and they won’t be getting it their way.   They shouldn’t have to shout to be heard, though they should be taught not to interrupt and be respectful, but at the same time they should be able to voice their opinion and give input.  Security comes in many packages.  I love this poem because it does in a way encapsulate this sentiment very nicely.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen