Comes Naturally, Likely Your Calling

soaring eagle

September 22nd we have our Concert at Most Precious Blood and it is in connection with San Gennaro, and as I began taking the information I had found and working it into a poem, it was so easy for me to do, happened immediately.  Then from there I started thinking of song, of improvisational song stuff.  I thought of the importance of music to share the faith, how important the arts is as a tool to share the faith and culture.

Taking something, turning it into a poem, a song, improvisational performance, coming up with a song on a theme right there and then in the moment with just a single line or phrase given to me, no problem, easy breezy.  Give me a bible passage with some basic background on who the intended audience was at that time and right then and there, I can give a lesson on that passage, on the layers of meaning, come up on the spot with a song.  A show, spoken word, song, lecture, no problem, give me six weeks, preferably eight and I can put it together, fine a venue to sell tickets, promotion, not a problem.  These things feel second nature to me, and when I am doing them, they bring joy to me, true joy, not for me alone, but because I feel I can impact lives for good, not out of some sense of anger, bitterness and all that.  That is never a good reason to do anything, not anger that comes from bitterness, not destructive hateful anger.  I realize that if that is the case, that if all this brings me joy, and I feel I am impacting etc…, coming from a good place, then that is my path, vocation.  As for anger, yes there is righteous anger, but even that you have to be careful how you respond.  Creating further division, separation, hate all that is not okay as a response.  Forgiveness, educating, working to bring unity in and through Agape Love, mutual respect, also change in one’s own behavior and community behavior is crucial.  Even when we use the arts as a way to impact, we need to be careful what we are transmitting to youth, to millennials.  Are we teaching hatred, anger, division, violence to others as a way to handle any rejection of sin, or current political activity for example? I realize that my path in the arts and ministry means I have to really be aware of how my artistic work and all I do is presented.  It is I think a wonderful calling and I hope I do The Lord proud in my journey.  I hope I am blessed soon with a life partner to share in this journey with me, a man of faith, of the arts.