Common Sense Conservative etc…?

Inspiration Peace and Love

Yesterday as I participated at the event at synagogue and was so moved to tears, felt very much at home, I again had this sense of the past soon coming back.  I have to admit I am a bit nervous about it.  Why would I be nervous, not like they are a stranger.

Thing is, I know that they are going to be in a period of healing still when they do come back in and that though I am meditating and praying for a shift in their mindset, that they do unplug from the world they have become so immersed in, that is also of concern to others who care about this person, they are sensitive about this point.  I also know they are not going to unplug from this particular mindset etc… overnight and 100%.  This liberal progressive mindset and the world they have been involved in for so long is ingrained to an extent that though prayer and meditation, which I am quite stubborn at can help shift things to good degree, can’t do things overnight, as we all have free will.  The person has to make a conscious choice and has to have the will to leave all that behind themselves and they have to willingly walk away from that mindset, that world themselves.  That is not something that can be compelled or forced etc…, it will happen as it happens.  There is also something that I think people when they here I am a Conservative might think “ohh one of those Evangelicals huh?” and take a few steps back and away.  They would be surprised at my definition of Conservative.  

When I say Conservative from a faith perspective I mean that faith is a very personal thing and I do not believe in shoving any particular religion down anyone’s throat.  I recently did an experiment where I took a video and really pushed it in people’s faces about a Word of Knowledge received about Trump.  It went contrary to what I sense about the way things might play out, and I am not going to say what I think might play out, as I want to see what happens come July.   When I think Conservative on social issues as regards these things, I believe there is a natural order for marriage, that all life is sacred from conception onward.  I also believe that the government’s only role in this arena is for example in terms of marriage to define the age and consent as the conditions for marriage, nothing more.  As for abortion, the only role government has is to say that all medical conditions between adults and their medical practitioners require that the practitioner inform the patient of all options and alternatives medical and non-medical in the case of an abortion. and for minors under the age of 18, the consent and presence of an adult is required and all procedures must be by a licensed physician by consent of all parties, even if it is the minor, even then all options must be presented, as in the case of adult patients.  There should be no protected classes of any kind and all bullying should be handled in house on a case by case basis, business by businesses, school by school by school basis and if you take away all public education, insurance etc… and you truly create a capitalist society, and your business suffered because you treated people poorly while another business thrived, you see how fast that business etc… would get their act together.  As for the NFP status, get rid of it.  Simply put a much lower tax on charitable groups, they can deduct expenses etc… and we would have no deficit.  In terms of global involvement, stop with the stupid and if we are going to do anything abroad, make it with lots of long term smart planning and only then get involved.  As for religious liberty, unless you are destroying persons, property and all that jazz, nowhere does it say Sunday Worship only and that businesses are not allowed to apply their faith to how they do business.  I also do not like anyone proselytizing, trying to push faith on to anyone whether it it atheists, Christians, Muslims, anyone.  Faith and Spirituality are very private.  That is why I wanted to see what would happen if I pushed a God chose Trump video on fanatic Conservative Evangelical Cruz supporters and what I suspected happened, even after I gave examples of how God used Saul and others to do stuff in the Bible.  My pushing that on them was not appreciated, not one bit.  This is what I love about Judaism and in a way Catholicism is that they do not seek to shove themselves in anyone’s face.  They are welcoming to those to seek to learn, but don’t shove themselves and their faith in anyone’s face unlike other groups.  Am I a Conservative? Ya betcha! However, I am a common sense one when all is said and done.