Communcation Styles

Let’s start with the Relator, what’s the deal with this communicator, this style of communicator?  This person can relate to pretty much anyone, harmony is crucial to them, so they are friendly, they will engage you and listen, offering an empathy and sympathy.  Often this type of communicator will even anticipate what others are feeling, what they need.  What you find is a communicator who is not so formal, easygoing in their communications and interactions, so being overly formal, and stuffy with this type of communicator won’t work.  Also any kind of extremes, too gregarious or dramatic, too low key, not engaging enough both extremes won’t work well in terms of interacting with a Relator.  Starting slow when getting to know them is a good idea, since trust is earned step-by-step. They’re very reliable, efficient so don’t over-explain stuff, it can be very insulting and feel like you are undermining their intelligence.