Communication Style #4

The director likes to see results, very results oriented, meat and potatoes guy, streak of independence, and is very direct, also self-disciplined, drawn towards power and authority in general.  They are not guided by emotions, more by thought, unlike the initiator who is guided more by gut instinct and emotions.  You know the type who keep those to do lists, and a vision board and clear goals, aspirations, all that, that’s the Director.  They also tend to look at the big picture more so than the details, so even in doing the to do list, it’s all about the goal, the aspiration, the end game of the day, week, month.  On the down side, because they are not in touch with their emotions or operate from a strictly thoughts and mind perspective they can step on a lot of toes, not in an intentional malicious way, simply because they are not at all in touch with the emotional side of things.  

How do you communicate with this personality type? according to psychology here are few pointers.  Be well reasoned, thought out, visual aids, present concepts and theories, appeal to the intellect, not the emotions, not the heartstrings, provide a challenge and show them how this fits into the larger scheme of things.   I know if you are an intuitive, creative or detail oriented type this can frustrate you, but humanity is like a garden lots of different flowers etc…I get frustrated with certain people and will on FB, twitter express my viewpoint in not exactly PC ways, but people who know me, I hope know not to take it personally, it’s just I don’t do politically correct, walk on egg shells diplomatic, not me.  I am realing that one on one that’s different, I do have to adjust to the person I am interacting with if the relationships are going to last long term.  Not so say I can’t hold the views I hold, but I have to maybe temper things a bit in my on one one interactions. 

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Namaste, Shalom and Amen