Communication Styles 2 and 3

Initiator and Analzer, what of these two?  The initiator relies  a lot on intuition, on that gut feeling, divine inspiration and such, is animated, quite expressive, very sensitive, and a seeker, spiritual and on different levels and can be quite innovative.  Generally, they will create a congenial work environment, wanting support for their ideas etc…and looking to foster a positive atmosphere in general.  Sounds great, but if they are immature, not quite clear in their path, goals etc.. well, what you have is someone who is disorganized, undisciplined, a bit chaotic.   Then you have the analyzer quite deep, thoughtful. serious, having a sense of purpose. The standards they set for themselves and others are pretty high, personally and professionally.  They’re pretty orderly and organized, often have that really dry but witty sense of humor. 

How do you manage interaction, communication with them?  Glad you asked. Let’s start with the initiator, don’t get all rigid, formal and all that jazz. If you do, wall comes up, and you might find it pretty icy.  Interaction with this communication personality type, whether in person, often best in person as they like interacting with others,  should have a somewhat at least casual tone.  Even in business if you are making a presentation, make sure there is a story backdrop to what you are selling, pitching.  They like to connect to the feel of things, since they rely a good deal on their gut feelings, on reading people and all that.  What of the analyzer?  When I was a kid there was a cop shop and one of the characters, Joe Friday would always say to witnesses, victims he was interviewing, “just the facts mame, sir, kid”  That pretty much applies to this personality type, since intuition, gut feelings, any of that deep emotional or gut feeling stuff is like planet Mars 2.0 to them.   What they are looking for is the evidence and the facts behind what you are saying, not what you feel it is, or what you gut says it is.  They might, not meaning to,  make you feel silly or dumb etc…because of they hesitate to immediately believe you, your idea, or vision, intuitive etc… gifts — but this is just because they are trying to understand everything thoroughly as they can. Dealing with an analytical person, especially if you are an initiator, highly intuitive, sensitive and such can be tough, but with a lot of patience you can compliment each other and learn from each other. 

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Namaste, Shalom and Amen