Complicating Things




Human beings love to complicate things, this includes the Bible  Book of Revelation has really been given some wild interpretations.  First of all, can we please stop adding, taking away etc.. because when you do you have confusion and false info given.   

When the bible says kings and kingdoms, it means that exactly, no other meaning.  When it says angels and men, it means angels and men.  When it speaks of the Dragon, Satan, the kingdom of the spiritual realm of Satan, as Paul pointed out, we are battling the spiritual.  When it speaks of the number of man, or even a man, talking about mankind, the human system of things, things of the flesh, not of the spirit. Everything we battle is tied to Satan, his influence, not even oppression, possession, but by the influence of human tools, influence the thought process. Think what would block out the sun, cause huge destruction of humanity and the earth?  People complicate things, they also do it in translating.  There is a big difference between Number of Man, mankind, the flesh, and Number of a Man.  I would urge that if we truly want to know, we read the original text.  If we are looking in the wrong place and not understanding that Satan will use human means and weapons to destroy us, us to destroy ourselves we won’t be ready.  If we refuse to accept that there is a judgment of nations etc.. we won’t be prepared.  I am sharing this link with you, so you can get an accurate rendition of the NT which is crucial and I hope to find such a link, work for the OT also and will share it with you when I do.  Until then remember what Paul said we battle things fo the flesh Prince and Principlalites not of this realm, the physical one that can influence things in any number of ways, including nations and what direction they move in.