Confusing Jesus and Woodstock, OY!

Confused Face

The modern church and it can be seen in a number of denominations, or in leaders within denominations, including Roman Catholic, this redefining of Jesus, of the New Testament, of the core message etc..  How did they manage to screw it up?  It went New Age, this notion of line in the sand right or wrong, no objective morality, and turning Jesus into a fluffy dough boy. 

In essence you have to different personas, the a Woodstock style Jesus, a God fashioned after man’s desires and the actual Jesus of the Bible, a God that says, I don’t fashion myself or my moral codes after your wishes, the total opposite. The Woodstock Jesus is this fluffy all about love, and love alone kind of guy, so squishy, gooey and ohhhhh feel good kind of guy.  God suddenly is a woman, is devoid of any absolute moral codes, so is nature of man, and it’s just one hot mess.  Israel God’s beloved child is scorned, big NO NO.  All upside down.  The Jesus and God of modern church and society is just fine with killing babies, it’s anything goes really, no boundaries, no discipline, just love baby, all about the love.  For those who are parents with half or even half of a half of a brain, really?  If you have kids, it’s all about the love, only the love, nothing else, no boundaries, none, no consequences for their actions?  Really, then you are one lousy parent, let me tell you and you had no business having kids.  If one truly reads scripture in context, not cherry picking, then one clearly sees that there is no erasing of the 10 Commandments, of the core precepts of gender identity, marriage etc… in the New Testament, and that Jesus though he does forgive has a condition he expects be met along with that “sin no more”.  He expects that you clean up your act, we all do and he never says there is no hell, nor does he say there are many ways or paths.  He makes it clear if you have seen him, accepted him then you have seen, accepted God, and he his the only way, truth and life, so it’s very exclusive, contrary to what modern churches would teach, not all roads according to Jesus lead to heaven.  It’s him or nothing, no in between, and he is no fluffy, squishy dough boy teddy bear, and if you read Revelation, that is made quite clear.  Whether you take it on an actual literal basis or even a metaphysical basis, karma basis thing, as they say, karma is a bitch.  This notion of all about the love and only the love, no boundaries, no law and order, do as you please etc…, no.  In the church and society teaching this, it has done a great deal of damage to society, to people’s soul, even their heart.  Sad, very sad. 

I hope the Church in general will go back, properly learn about the Gospel, the Trinity, core biblical principles, including God being very clear about nation’s being sovereign, and his wish for there to be clear borders, sovereignty etc… and capitalism to be the way and truth of all economies, managed rightly, but never socialism.  For those who cite the sharing in the bible, get the context straight, includes clergy, get a brain, get the context straight, then read Paul who makes it clear you don’t work, you don’t eat and if anyone comes to the church etc… they are to work, contribute in any way possible, not leech off the church.  We need to get Jesus out of Woodstock and stop trying to mold God to be in our image, and mold ourselves to His.