Connections I Will Always Cherish

Inspiration  and Love

Past and Present there are particular connections to particular individuals I will cherish for the rest of my life. I hope that I can always appreciate each one for what it was and is, see the good in it always.

A very powerful past connection will always hold a very special place in my heart and always have a piece of my heart.  It was a mega roller coaster for both of us for different reasons.  If we had met under different circumstances, at a different time, had perhaps greater maturity it would have turned out quite differently.  I am pretty sure it would have worked out quite differently.  Being an empath and such, I never have doubted they love me, never.  I still have an empathic, psychic connection with them, and being an empath likely will my whole life, which is fine.  It is what it is. As for the relationship, any memories, I don’t focus on the negative, but rather on the fact that it was a catalyst to opening my heart, spirit and soul in ways I never had in life done so, it opened me up raw and I am grateful for that.  Granted their political leaning, being liberal progressive still makes want to scream and shake them, smack them hard upside the head, but I will still always be grateful they were in my life.  I wish they had been able to create a happy for themselves, be themselves open of heart, spirit and soul to the extent they opened me up raw and start a whole new life, a brilliantly happy one.  If I had one wish for them, for everyone I have a deep connection, or an amazing psychic and heart connection to, it is exactly that.  What of present day connections?  There is one connection that is like a very comfy flowing river, very calm, very peace and though we have only had friendly conversations over the past few years when I have gone to see them professionally there is a connection also on a psychic level, on an empath level with this person as well and though I feel they would love to build a friendship and we could be BFFs, they have been working on getting unstuck for some time, something many of us can relate to, having periods in life of feeling stuck, trying to get unstuck and that includes in terms of relationships, forming new ones, even friendships, in general.  They have asked I keep them up to date on my artistic projects and all that, which I do, holidays I send holiday greetings and hopefully this year will be the year when our BFF journey, lifelong Best Friend Forever journey starts.   I don’t sense it going beyond that, just a gut feeling.  Then there is the creative connection, the one that inspired me to fly, that gave me wings to fly and pursue in earnest my creative path and now to become more focused to choose the sacred arts, someone that there is a lot of empathic connection to, a very dynamic electricity connection to.   The potential for a deep lifelong friendship, creative collaboration…….. is there, but they are so closed within themselves, so scared, guarded etc… they may never let me or anyone in.  Pity, as it also closes him off artistically to the audience.   I have reached out as much and far as I can even as a friend, and friendship has to be the basis for all things, but I can’t do anymore than what I have done, so I am stepping away, stepping back and if this artist wants a friendship, to build a deep and solid friendship, an artistic collaboration, anything, he will have to break down all his walls at some point, or there can’t be anything.

In life I have been able now to look at different connections, step back and really look at them objectively in a sense and I guess that is a good thing, at least I hope it is.  

Shalom and Amen