Conscience, What Is It?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

The Bible talks about different types of conscience and also that in the latter days what is outside God’s natural order, law  will come to be seen as the norm and vice versa.  What are the different types of consciences and which type is pervasive today?

We have just celebrated Easter and the resurrection of Christ, lent, so it seems appropriate to take a look at this.   Six types of conscience inferred and spoken of in the Bible are: good, defiled, seared, evil, weak, cleansed.  Hopefully we never get to a point of defiled or evil, particularly never evil or reprobate conscience.  Conscience, barring some entry of something very negative even before birth or some chemical imbalance totally messing with the person, everyone has some innate sense of right and wrong, some kind of compass, feels badly after hurting another, property destruction etc..  Conscience can become like anything else numb over time, and we see how our society has created a very numb and even entitled, reprobate mind, devoid of God, conscience generation.  Part of what numbs a conscience can be the need to fit in, to accepted, even to be “somebody”, according to society’s definition of these things, even society’s definition of authentic self.  When society says that a child who thinks they are a female in a male body has clarity and is not living their authentic self, that’s pretty reprobate conscience wise as a society and a slap in the face to God.  When a government as is happening in Europe decides that it, not parents determine if a child should live or not because they are not in perfect health, not “worthy” of life, that’s a reprobate conscience as a society.  One may have moments of temptation, weakness, even Peter in his fear denied Jesus three times and then was bitterly sorry, so one can have moments of crisis and weakness, stumble, fall, but that is not the same an evil, reprobate mind, conscience where one has no regard for any of the natural laws of God, of government, of society, no respect for any authority at all, that’s a whole other ballgame.  That is what we are facing in these latter days, reprobate conscience where there is no respect of self, of others, of law and order, of national borders of anything at all, nothing.  There is not respect for natural sexual boundaries as set forth by God, nothing, it’s a free for all.  The Constitution is laughed at, viewed with disdain, everything that matters, all boundaries set forth, inspired by the Holy Spirit, viewed with disdain.  That is sad and for the long term future of our nation and the world, very sad, and very very very scary.  This will not only affect this generation, but the generations to come as influenced by this generation, the media that will still be around to influence the next generations, so it’s a domino effect, which is not a good thing.  We are creating a numb and also a reprobate conscience generation and future ones unless we reverse course.  What is that going to mean?

In the USA it is going to mean a lot more true classic liberal conservatives, and Freedom Caucus Republicans sticking to their guns!  It is also going to mean the Church, the Christian church as a whole without being snippity, mean or individuals being overall jerks, must speak Biblical truth.  Yes there will be those who say it is phobia etc…, boo hoo cry me a river, bunch of namby pamy snowflakes.  If you go to see the doctor and he does tests he doesn’t do you any favors if he doesn’t tell you what the results are, so when the Church tells Biblical truth, suck it up people!  The Church can’t be saying that what violates God’s natural laws is the norm and they must stand with Christian conscience rights in droves, 100%, end of story!  They must understand that they do not favor to anyone if they do not, so time to have a revival and one that lasts for all times and times eternal in this nation, that will be like a ripple effect throughout the world!