Consciousness in Healing

The acts of  being self-aware  and having self-control go hand in hand, their brothers, siblings. As a matter of fact, t when we are self-conscious we are better able to show self-control. My peace came from my faith journey, which was also a journey in self awareness.  A lot of people out there that are not self aware or conscious of themselves , not the same as being self-conscious, where you end up being a klutz and a putz. As a result, they’re not in control of their emotions and actions been there, can relate. Being self-aware is important as it can affect self-development and progress through life. It’s crucial that we be aware of all that we do and say and that these things will affect circumstances as well. Not to say you don’t speak up and seek to be treated with respect.  Being self-conscious, self-aware is not always a bad thing as we like to think but if we relate it to being self-aware, we see the benefits.

If we are self-aware, it is less likely that we act on impulse, which if it is a pattern, trust me is not good because impulse and spontaneity are not the same.  I’ll be talking about that. It is more likely if we are aware of how we impact others with actions etc.. that we’ll be ready and able to evaluate a situation with wisdom and show self-control in deciding how to approach the situation. The self-awareness that we possess, it’s gonna directly affect our self-control. It is imperative that we are able to become self-aware we an have a measure of control of our emotions and actions. This can be done in many ways but that really depends on the will power of the person involved and the desire to take control of their lives.  It’s a choice.

Some of the ways to move into to self-awareness and self-control amight include the  professional assistance. We might look to a counselor, a coach, pastor to help us in our self-development  if we find we can’t move throughthe process on our own. We may not make the time unless we are held accountable by someone, or unless we are motivated externally to do so. In in this regards, the phelp can be a great starting point.

If we do have some self-control then it is good to try the other option of working on self-awareness and control on our own. Many have found one way to make the journey is through meditation. It can be of great help and has been for me, as it leads the exploration within and opens the awareness that is needed for better self-control.  For me, due to my faith journey, my meditation is Christ and Bible centered.  Meditation has a lot of benefits to its users aside from these. It has been used tostress relief and the prevention of more serious illnesses such as heart disease and more. The relaxing effect of meditation and the exploration into self-are able to translate to a better awareness overall and better self control.

Some might get impatiens with meditation, with prayer because it can take a while to reap the benefits and some become bored with the process and easily and immediately give up.  Part of that is human nature at times, where we want everything now or like yesterday bro.  Anything that is speedy gonzales and there has not been time, cultivation put in will quickly crumple. Meditation is not an overnight fix and can take months and years of dedication for you to achieve all the results. There are those who God put something into their heart, ministry of some form etc.. and it didn’t happen, fully come together until years later.  It was more about the journey and what they learned about themselves than the actual destination  so e patient.  The meditation process requires quiet and peace, which can often be hard for many of us.  I meditate listening to a recorded meditation I created for myself, Christ based and all at night, when the house is very quiet.   Not all these challenges however stop the fact that it is one of the best ways to grasp control of self and become more self-aware.  Prayer from the heart and meditation are a great process for focus, awareness etc…

There is a lot in today’s world  that can assist and that can lead  down the road to better self-awareness and self-control. There is a lot of information available in self-development sites that show you the importance of self-awareness and self-control to your life. These are things that can greatly affect the quality of your life.  I will say that though there is lots of info out there and lots of self development programs and all that, choose wisely, know what you are embracing, be wise!