Conservatism VS. Fanaticism

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

The shooting in Orlando and some of the celebratory reactions to it were both reactions of fanaticism, which is very different than Conservatism, even Zionism let’s say within a context of love of roots of Covenant or Yeshua.  All of that is very different that fanaticism.  

Fanaticism says that if you don’t live as I do etc.., you do not deserve to live, you deserve even at human hands to be tortured etc…Conservatism, real Conservatism, even Catholic, even Constitutional Conservatism and those of us at Hadassah that are Conservative, have a view of I can be quite firm in my view of things, and you yours, but never would I wish you harm and I hope you would never wish me harm.  We can have vigorous debates, take a deep breath, walk away, come back and chill, hang and be cool.  Fanaticism says no forever you are the enemy and you must be destroyed, not because of self defense, because you struck at me and I have had to strike back to defend, stave off future attacks, but simply because you exist as you do.  I can never even talk to you because you are the enemy, acknowledge you as a person, only as a creature to be destroyed.  

As a Conservative, I have clear, firm belief in what constitutes normal, natural order of nature as regards gender, sexuality, marital union, all of that, and I seek clear affirm adherence to strict immigration policies, Originalist Constitutional principles, laws, precedent based on that, with limited government republicanism, and if I think the total opposite of that is stupidville, I will say so because I have the freedom of speech to do so and if I see that based on how our politicians operate individually or as a group they are criminals, I will say so.  However, even with all of this, never would I accept calls for violence towards any political figure, aspiring political figure, religious figure by the citizenry, ever, nor would it be appropriate to celebrate carnage of any group by a lone ranger, whether he or she is Muslim, Christian, whatever, not acceptable.  Please try to understand that there is a line between Conservative and Stupidville Fanatic.  


Namaste, Shalom and Amen