Conservative, What Is That About?


I have what some would call a guilty pleasure.  I watch some reality shows regularly, particularly Sister Wives, Seeking Sister Wife, and I Housewives of Nj, and of NY.  I recently had read about a governor of Kansas I believe it was who is seeking to get government out of the marriage and marriage license business.  I think it should be a national thing, government at the federal level, with the help of SCOTUS if necessary, should get out of the marriage businesses.  I am a conservative Christian, but even without ever having been exposed to the Christian faith, I still would be a firm conservative in all things pretty much.  I also believe that Constitution and Free Will, a gift of God along with consequences are cornerstones of America, of life.  One might think that for example I would be in favor of a government definition of marriage, or jailing polygamists, but NO.  Conservatism truly and in full means that you don’t give powers that belongs to God to government, nor do you tolerate the government violating clear Constitutional principles.   I am firm in my conservatism, but I do not  find acceptable redistribution of wealth, or any such thing, nor government interfering with religious practice and expression, though I do believe that if there is abuse, then those individual cases should be investigated etc…  There are certain things that to a true conservative the government has no businesses being involved, or shoving down anyone’s throat.  

As regards marriage, divorce, education, even healthcare, insurance to safeguard the Constitution, Bill of Rights I would place all things marriage, divorce, education, healthcare all that stuff squarely on the community and faith community, lowering taxes so people can then support the faith institutions, even humanist, and simply putting forth contract law as the basis for marriage, divorce, healthcare and all that, the faith institutions.   The government having too much power is not a good thing, but neither is it good for any one group to be able to pressure businesses, government to do their bidding.   As a conservative I also believe in my right and rights of all to self defense, but I also understand that weapons, having them are a great responsibility and we have to insure that those unstable of heart and mind don’t have weapons in their possession.   I don’t accept a federal law defining marriage, forcing any businesses owner etc.. to violate their faith principles under the guise of Justice and Equality.  Education to a true conservative means that you teach fundamentals of the engaging in vigorous debate based on facts and actual events, not based on emotion.  It means you honor and respect certain things, anthem, flag, This is a snapshot of what  conservative means and may I never waiver.