Constructive Rebel or Idiot Rebel?

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

James Dean was Rebel without a cause or was it with a cause? Hmm have to look it up.   Causes and Rebellion are part of history, every nation’s history and to some extent every person’s history.  However, you might want to ask a few questions.

What is the cause a wise one and is the method of rebellion guided by your authentic self through the voice of the Holy Spirit, that includes one’s vocational path, relationships, every aspect of life, selecting who to have in your life, quality instead of quantity for example.  How you handle and manage your time, what you focus it on.  Are the “causes” you are fighting for really your causes or what others expect you to fight for?  Questions that should always go into any rebellion and pursuit of any cause and the answers should be pretty darn good ones before proceeding.  For example when people demand free healthcare, education etc…, do they really think it’s free?  Are they that stupid and delusional to think we won’t have to go bankrupt as a nation and as individuals to make all that happen?  When they are fighting the cause of a give away society, do they really understand they are fighting for our destruction and the methods they use, are they aware of whether they are instructive or destructive, including in the long run?  Even as individuals, when we decide to be rebels and we can decide even at an older age, if we have always been one who has been a people pleaser, always followed tradition, nothing but, all that jazz, that enough is enough and whether through our vocational path or within that path we might decide we won’t have anything do with anything traditional.  If you are going to be a rebel, like I said, really reflect on what the heck you are being a rebel about, and for goodness sakes think about the method.  The arts, media can be a great tool to be a rebel with a cause etc.., and their ways to do, and leave people going “WTH just happened “?and reflecting, but the how it is done, that takes a bit of planning.  If you are going to be a rebel in life, do so for all the right reasons, prompted by the Holy Spirit and even in the method and delivery, let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit.  Don’t be an idiot rebel, like the kid who says “NO, I don’t want to”just because, goes off and creates havoc for the world.  If you are going to be a rebel, do it well, do it smart, find someone else who is a bit of  rebel, perhaps a smart rebel, plan it out wisely, then go be a rebel, a smart one, not an idiot rebel that life has taught nothing to.