Content of DNC Emails =EH


As the emails got leaked, with more coming about how the DNC felt about Latinos as “taco bowls”, Kaine seeing their constituency as ignorant and all that, and seeing the reaction of Democrats to any minority supporting Trump, Conservative values, Pro-life values anything like that I was not surprised.  Why you wonder?  History, the roots of the Democratic Party and the mindset of Progressives, which are a big part of the party, the Woodstock segment.  

Roots and mindset have a lot to do with things.  The Democrats, their roots are dark, tries to present itself as the party of champions of freedom etc.., includes the Clinton team.  Problem with all that, history says otherwise, and history is why they keep growing government more and more.  William J Clinton was one of 99 Democrat Senators to sign something called the Southern Manifesto, which opposed Brown vs. Board of Education to end segregation.  Al Gore’s father voted against the Civil Rights Act, while Goldwater fought for it. The Democrats and you can verify it were the party of slavery, Jim Crowe, all of that.  The GOP actually started as the Abolitionist Party and fought for the freedom of slaves, for their equality. The Democratic party always looked down on their constituents, some in the GOP also do, but on the whole, the DNC has this notion that We The People are too ignorant to do for ourselves, fend for ourselves, think for ourselves and darnet if you are a minority, you have to have the government take of you, think for you, and you can’t be a Conservative Pro-life, Pro Traditional anything, or determine that you are a free thinking, free spirit individual, and community who can solve his or her own problems with innovation and working with others, same with business.  For the Democratic Party, as we see in the emails, if they are not controlling every facet of your life, and some in the GOP, really should just mover over to the Democrat party because they are of that same mindset, and have no backbone to fight the DNC on these notions.  It truly did not, does not surprise me that the Party of enslavement and all that wants a nation of total ignorance, submission, no innovation, no free market, socialism, Marxism, total government dependency, total corporate welfare, too big to fail.  It does not surprise me one bit.  For the DNC to try and demonize the GOP when they were started by the KKK etc… is too laughable, disingenuous and phony baloney.

What does surprise me?  The stupidity of the American people, corporate sector, all segments of society not to see it so much sooner and stop it.  This is why I am supporting a non-politician, someone who didn’t need this friggin headache of running for office, but did it because his country needed someone to go in, who knows the system inside out, is a doer, a tough, defiant even SOB, with a big sledge hammer, including the Constitution and crush the system so it can be properly reconstructed again using the very constitution.  The GOP as it was must not be, nothing as it was must be because it is rigged, busted, broken, all of it.  There are too many unconstitutional agencies, too much red tape, too much and it has to end, and fast, no talking, doing!  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen