Context Is Everything

aspen trees

When youth is taught that science and Catholicism are not compatible because the faith rejects science they are out of context in that view because well it is out of context.  How is that out of context? Let’s see.

First of all, the Bible is not meant to be a book about science, though it does not contradict science really The Catholic Church has had priests in the scientific realm, in the medical field of research, so it is not adverse to science at all. It understands that the Bible is not meant to be a book to explain the how of life, but more of the why, and what, in terms of why we were created and what is our purpose here. What are the moral and ethical boundaries? Why do they exist? Why should they exist? Why should science have boundaries? How are those to be determined? This is the purpose of the Bible. Yes there was a first group of humans that got the whole of humanity started, and yes we can see from a baby, from little children that humans must have in the beginning been good, but something went wrong and we can see from the beauty of nature itself that in the beginning nature was a thing of pure beauty, so what went so terribly wrong?  We can see very clearly that nature intended for it to be man and woman only in marriage, as only that can produce life, so what went wrong with sexuality? Something happened that screwed humanity over? that is what God explained through the Holy Spirit speaking to the heart, spirit and soul of the writers of scripture and how there would be redemption from that.    When the Bible says that God knows us from the womb, from before we were born, yes, because we are atoms, molecules etc.., all of which are part of the universe, of what the universe is made of and God made all of that, so yes God knows us infinitely well.  There is no contradiction between the Bible and science. None.  Maybe the Church has lost the ability to explain, to connect, but it is there and I hope they find it, the way to explain it, make it clear.  May all come home to the Church, the Church built upon Peter the Rock, the Vicar of the bigger Rock, Christ.  May people understand that the Bible must be taken in Context of what it is a scripture of faith and spiritual truth, with seeds of science, history and more.