Continue To Meditate For Them?


Some would say I am meditating on a lost cost, praying for a lost cause, considering that this person is not a part of my life any longer, has been in this world, not his world for much of his adult life now and thrown his own world and roots under the bus for so long to be able to live in the world he is in due to the partnership he came into years ago.  They would say at at this stage, at his age, so ingrained, I am basically praying on a lost cause.  Maybe, but maybe I am the patron saint of lost causes, maybe.  Some might say the same about my meditating on my artist friend coming out of his box and comfort zone as an artist and going 180 degrees out of that, not still doing the DJ thing, still be singing others people songs, singing in restaurants, all that jazz.

Maybe, just maybe, I have that faith that Jesus talks about in the Bible of say to this mountain “move’ and it moves. Maybe I also feel that when I have an instinct about someone that they are not living their authentic self etc.., I can’t just sit by and do nothing, let them stay in that inauthentic life, prison, bubble, and in the case of throwing your own roots and people under the bus, in stupidville.  I just can’t do it.  Thus I have to meditate on cord cutting, release, shifting etc…   Maybe I have that same faith for my own self, that at 50, I can still be that great artist, have the artist life I want to have so on and so forth.  Maybe just maybe, I have that faith that in spite of the fibormyalgia, I can turn life around, maybe not 180 degrees to have the active life I had before, but a life that is artistic, and active enough to make it pleasant, joyful.  I even do meditation on shifting of mindsets and cord cutting of toxic programming etc.. for myself and for me to come out of my own boxes and all of that.  It is part of who I am as a person, a coach, a shaman, a healer by nature that for myself, for others I have to meditate when I feel anyone, even myself is not in full authenticity in any way, or has not been due to life circumstances, or for whatever reason.  Authenticity of self, to one’s roots, but also coming out of prisons, restrictions etc… is also crucial as a person, in one’s vocations and I have to bring myself and those I care about to that place in life, and will always strive to do so directly or indirectly, like it or not. 


Namaste, Shalom and Amen.