Conviction or Condemnation?

One convicts, the other paralyzes with fear, condemns day and night.  It’s important to know what is happening and the source in the spiritual, so we know how to navigate in the physical realm.  Holy Spirit and rightly so, convicts, nudges the conscience so we understand we are violating His biblical moral laws and truths, are heading towards destruction.  It is the intent to re-route our journey.  That is a good thing.  As a parent, you want to steer your kids at any age from destruction self-destruction, destruction of others.  God wants to do the same and tries in different ways.  When we go before the throne to say we understand we have violated God’s laws, boundaries etc.. and really seek to change that heart, body, spirit, and soul.  Condemnation comes from Satan, which has one beat oneself constantly and goes from one self-destructive etc.. behavior to an, even more, self-destructive, etc.. phase is a poison.  It never allows for self-forgiveness, for change because one is stuck in a time loop of what was, of what one did.  When one is stuck in that loop change out of the sin patterns is not possible.  Conviction, acknowledging one’s sins and all that in a constructive and sincere way is healing, important, but to move on and forward, thrive, be of use to others, help them out of sin patterns you can’t live in a loop of unforgiveness of self, etc.., can’t live in bitterness, etc…, have to give it up to the Holy Trinity and heal heart body spirit and soul.


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