Coordinating, Organizing, Like a Dance

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary

You have a clear idea of what needs to be done, the elements have come into place for it to be done and are coming into place for it to happen for the greater good, yeah!!!! Not so fast, as that “yeah!” may not happen quite so soon.  

When you are the only one you have to coordinate with on everything, schedule stuff with etc… it can “yeah” all the time, especially if you are very much about following the Spirit, what the Spirit gives you to do and you just will jump right in and do it, or if you are guided the other way, not do it.  If you are guided to something and are a no nonsense, let’s get a move on, let’s rock and roll, get it done, get organized with ample time etc…and you are the only one coordinating etc.., then no problem, no frustrations, all smooth sailing.  However the “Oy!” and all that comes when others are not in sync with your dance routine and pace so to speak, or because of external forces can’t be.  Perhaps that is not their personality, they have to analyze everything from a million and one angles.   If you are seeing very clearly what needs to happen, how it all needs to happen, but others are not and you are trying to coordinate it, have to rely on others for key decisions, you may be looking at a lot of frustration and all that jazz.  It is particularly hard when you are working for something you care about, when you are laser focused on that one endeavor, really streamlined on that one endeavor, saving a particular landmark let’s say, organizing an event, series of events along a particular line, or recording a particular album.  It’s very frustrating when you have your ducks set, you know exactly what you need to do etc.., but you are stuck and unable to move ahead because you have are waiting on others for their decisions etc..  People will react differently to this.  Some will decide that they are not going to wait for  the other person, are going to just take the bull by the horn and move ahead, and everyone will have to suck it up.  Some will wait patiently do lots of meditating and praying until they get the info and do the best they can, trying to keep their blood pressure leveled meantime.  Still others if it really is getting to them and happens more than once will just decide that as much as they love the cause, project etc..they need to be able to have a much more focused, streamlined situation to put their talents, gifts to full use, even for the Lord, so they might decide best to walk away.  Which decision is made will depend on the depth of attachment and commitment to the project etc.., if there are any legally binding commitments, any number of factors.  Looking at patterns is important is what I would say.  If the people you are coordinating and collaborating with have a pattern of taking on a million things, not being focused, streamlined, especially if what you are involved in is a long term endeavor, then you have to look at what you can do in terms of getting around that, still respecting that they do have seniority, and yet accomplishing the goal/s given to you by the Holy Spirit to accomplish, or consider a change.  No one can tell anyone how to handle these situations, but overall well being and accomplishing what is for the greater good of the organization etc.. as guided by the Holy Spirit are priority, in an organized, successful and timely manner.   All you can do is your best, but if successful coordination etc.. is not possible because others around you are not focused and streamlined their energy on this one endeavor, are honeybee butterflies all over the map, that means nothing solid will happen as you have clearly been shown by the Lord it needs to happen, and you have given it every chance to, then you may have to ask the Lord to send you elsewhere to accomplish that same vision he has given you for where you were before when he gave it.  Life is never dull and there are always choices, decisions to make, may we always make wise ones.