COS Project Myths

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There is this myth about an Article V Convention of States that comes from misinformation, especially from the opposition of some other groups that spread misinformation.

Let’s start with what it is not. It is not a Constitutional Convention, we already had that and we have a Constitution. We are not looking to get rid of the one we have and create a new Constitution, contrary to what some might lead one to believe. It is not some runaway train where you have a bunch of people all doing their own thing and no mechanisms for control. The Founders gave very clear mechanisms and it is one vote per state and all the majority number required states must agree on the amendments to the Constitution for the resolutions to pass. There is no runaway anything. What we have now is a runaway president, congress, and supreme court among other things. A Convention of States is a mechanism to reverse a runaway nation and government. Also, it is not funded by Soros, or any such individuals, those are lies told by the opposition, those who don’t want to lose their power.

What is the goal of an Article V Convention. In a nutshell, the goal is to strengthen the Constitution we already have, close any unclear loopholes in the Bill of Rights, clarify enumerated powers and such, protect the Bill of Rights for all. It is to insure that a true limited Federal Government and Capitalist, opportunity for all, Democratic Republic is in full operation. It is up to We the People to hold politicians to the fire to make sure of this continuously, never to fall asleep because when we do, we end up with Obama, Pelosi and all kinds of ills, including Mitch McConnell and others who don;’t care about the letter of the Constitution, or a true Federalist Republic. I hope you will join us in bringing the Republic to where it is supposed to be.