Creating and Collaborating With the Lord

God gave me, as he gives all of us particular gifts, talents etc.., me I have always felt the call to ministry, and now I understand that the ministry is through my writing, that writing and teaching in the spiritual and philosophical realm are my vocational paths of ministry.  What do I do about it, what do I do to have the space, environment to create, to perhaps collaborate?  One thing I don’t do is be a stubborn goat and try to insist on “my way”, but rather allow myself to be led by the Spirit and what God knows is in my best interest.  I learn to co-create my life with God, not trying to be the main pilot, alternating between at times being the co-pilot and other times the passenger enjoying the scenery.  I still need to figure out getting the space, tools etc.. to be able to create products and events that are top quality, so those I reach, get quality products.  What the heck do I do?  

With fibromyalgia, there always being some issue health wise, going back to work is not an option.  In the last six months I have had several procedures, including a partial hysterectomy.  For now I am creating products from home and getting great feedback on my talents etc.. on, hope you will all subscribe, purchase some of the tracks, but to reach a maximum audience, touch lives across the globe, recorded at home meditations etc… won’t cut it.  I am organizing a Gofundme campaign to raise funds to do this.  My path is as I now understand it ministering and teaching, but via the arts.  When I allow myself to let go of set expectations and wanting it all my way, just accept that I am a co-pilot and at times a passenger, understand that God is the main pilot in charge, then things go more smoothly.  I am hoping that in co-piloting, the Lord will see fit ti help me raise the funds with the Gofundme campaign to create top notch products.  For now anyway, I will keep doing what I am doing.  

Namaste,Shalom and Amen