Creating Your Present and Future

A big part of Judaism and Kaballah is about Co-creating your life, about being an active participant in creating your life.  

Often, one is taught that one is at the mercy of fate, and fate alone, but what one is not taught is that thoughts are vibration and help to create and co-create our world, our lives present and future, the future based on the vibrations of the present.  What seeds are we going to plant in our lives?  What are we going to plant in terms of being a magnet for that truest soulmate?  If we have met that soulmate, how are we going to create the words and the thoughts in sacredness to bring them into our lives? How will be do so unfraid and from the heart?  What about our vocation path?  How will we use thoughts and words to come out of what no longer serves us and create what will serve us, bring us true joy? How will we do it constructively and from the heart?  

I feel so blessed to know who my soulmate is and my vocational, as well as my spiritual path.  Now, I meditate and pray, as well I hope take wise action to bring it all into my life.