Creative/Intuitive Backlash

Backlash of Being Creative/Intuitive

Everything in life has its’ ups and down, heads and tails etc… and even the rose has its’ thorns.  Being a creative/intuitive person is not different.  While it allows you to experience connections etc… at very deep levels, create poignant and strong poems, speak very strong truths, it can also create backlash.  What is the backlash?

For one, people don’t always want to receive what the Spirit is giving and putting out there through you, either to an individual or society as a whole, so you as the messenger, may very well get beaten for it either verbally or otherwise.  You may even find that people walk away from you, cease to communicate with you, and though you may not have even presented anything in any way that was offensive, or mean or anything like that, it may still be taken in that way because it was a truth that wasn’t ready to be received.   That is true of all of us, that there are truths about ourselves we don’t want to hear at a given time, insecurities we don’t to acknowledge and face etc… Artists, and writers, intuitive push people sometimes to face those truths whether they are ready or not, especially if we feel an overwhelming pull to share those truths with a person, persons or society at any given time.  

Second, because you are so sensitive and connect the way you do, you feel very deeply, love very deeply, very raw and yet also tend to be analytical because you receive Word of Knowledge in relation to those deepest connections.  It can be amazing, but also painful to feel their pain etc…, and if you can’t be there with them to help them through, or if the feelings are not reciprocated or any similar scenario, if you can’t share openly because they are not as raw as intuitive, deeply spiritual, you have to figure out what to do with all that and how to clear your body, spirit your soul daily, so you don’t accumulate negative energy, emotions. You have to do your thing, live your life, create your art etc… while navigating feeling what you feel, sensing what you sense and not let that interfere with what you need to do in your own life, your own path, and work that the Lord has assigned to you in this life.  

Spirituality and faith, music are tools I use, within the context of my relationship with the Holy Trinity to see me through any situation, and help me create and channel all of this into art, into writing, into something constructive.